verifica recupero classi prime

1. Completa la lettera con gli aggettivi possessivi e i pronomi personali soggetto e complemento.
Dear pen-friend,
I would like to become__________ pen-friend because I am very lonely (mi sento molto solo). I have a brother and a sister. ________ brother has a girlfriend and he spends all _________free time with _________ .I can never go out with_______ .
________ sister is always talking on the phone with ________best friend Clara. _________ parents work all day and when __________ come home__________ are tired, so I cant’talk to__________.
__________ grandparents live near_________ (a noi). __________house is very big and _________have a little dog and I often play with _________.
I hope you will be __________pen-friend.
With love,

2. Inserisci gli aggettivi o i pronomi possessivi nelle seguenti frasi.
1. Are these books ___________, Mike?
-No, they aren’t____________! They are Sandra’s.
– You are right (hai ragione)! They are_________.
2. She has got___________ books in that rucksack.
3. I haven’t got a camera, can I use __________, David?
4. Is this Albert’s watch?
– No, it isn’t _________.
5. Are those books_____________, Frank and Mike?
-No, those aren’t ________ books, _________ are on that desk.

3. Volgi al plurale i seguenti nomi.
Watch_________, mouse_____________, child___________, potato___________, life____________, clock___________, woman_____________, sandwich_____________, dress____________, toy__________, photo____________, city_________, man__________.

4. Inserire a/an.
_____ diary, _____umbrella, ____ hamburger, _____yellow car,____ University student, _____ European country, _____ pen.

5. Inserire who, what, where, how.
1. _________ is that object? 5._________ is you address?
2. _________do you spell your name? 6. ________ are my glasses?
3._________ is that man?
4. _________ is your friend from?

6.Completa le frasi con il presente semplice dei verbi tra parentesi.
1. I _________ (finish) work at 5.00 and Gary___________(finish) work at 5.30.
2. Mark____________ (go) to the tennis club every Saturday and we_________ (play) tennis every Sunday.
3. I _______________(not do) yoga every day.
4. ________________ (she read) the newspaper every day?
5. She _______________________ (not usually catch) the bus at 9 o’clock.
6. ______________(they be) from London? No, they ___________ (not be).
7. They________________(have) a big house, but they _______________ (not have) a garage.

7. Inserisci at, in, on
_____ 5 o’clock, ______the morning, ______ December 25th, ____ night, ______January, ______lunch, _______the afternoon, ________Friday, ______Christmas day.

8. Traduci le seguenti frasi.
1. Questa è la penna di Jane. Sei sicuro che sia sua?_____________________________________________
2. Qual è il numero di telefono di Frank e Sheila?_______________________________________________
3. La porta di quella stanza è aperta._________________________________________________________
4. Queste sono le nostre amiche e quelle sono le loro.___________________________________________

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