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WUTHERING HEIGHTS (1848) -Emily Bronte

PLOT: it involves 2 generations

Mr and Mrs Earnshaw       Mr and Mrs Linton

Hindley and Cathy + Edgar and Isabella + Heathcliff

+                              ↓                           ↓

Frances         Catherine L.          +        Linton

↓                              +

Hareton                 Hareton

STRUCTURE: circular; the book starts at the end of the story when, in 1801) Mr. Lockwood pays a visit to Heathcliff (first narriation)

Then Lockwood asks the housekeeper Nelly to tell him the story of Heathcliff    (second narration)Modern use of time (flashbacks)

Two points of view

Cathy Earnshaw marries Edgar Linton, they have a daughter→ Catherine LintonCatherin Linton marries Linton (son of Heathcliff and Isabel Linton) who dies

Cathy Linton Heathcliff marries Hareton Earnshaw and becomes Catherine Earnshaw again

CHARACTERS: not very well defined and described; development (round characters)

SETTING: the real protagonist are passion and maturity, calm and storm, good and evil, adult age and childhood, love and hatred

STYLE: Romanticism ( GOTHICISN) and  realism

↓                      ↓                            ↓

nature               atmoshere               social aspects

(heathcliff)           dreams                    conflict of class and cultures

ghosts, devils          setting


life in death


THEMES: passions, attractions impulses

LANGUAGE : sense impressions

The lovers do not belong to the same social class (wilderness and civilised world)

Catherine: her love is inestricable from Heathcliff. She kills herself to escape from the situation that herself had created.

Heathcliff: the devil. He represnts the Romantic hero. His love is total and unselfish. His personality is associated with the description of his house (stormy weather, turmoil). His lack of pity

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