terrible tudors

Why are the Tudors terryfying?

The Tudor period changed the life of English people. After Richard III’s defeat at Bosworth, Henry VII married Elizabeth of York to stop the war of the two roses.

Among his heirs Henry VIII is surely the most famous for having sent to the block two out of his six wives and for having destroyed the catholic monasteries. Unquestionably Henry was a cruel and violent man, but under his reign England started being a powerful nation and enjoyed a long period of peace. At Henry’s death, Edward, his only from his third wife, reigned for a brief period. On his death bed he nominated as his successor Jane Grey, Henry VII’s grand-daughter, who was soon executed for treason and substituted by Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon’s daughter, Mary. She restored Catholicism, burnt about 3000 protestants and married the catholic king of Spain, Philip II. After her the throne went to Elizabeth I, Henry VIIII and Anne Boleyn’s daughter

Her reign was at first troublesome: many plots attempted her majesty’s life and power. But under Elizabeth the Spanish were definitely defeated and a long period of voyages and trades round the world started. The only terrible event which still nowadays is subject of historical discussions is the execution of Mary Stuart, Elizabeth’s Scottish cousin. Mary was the grand-grand daughter of Henry VII . She was a Catholic and had escaped from Scotland because suspected of being an accomplish in her husband’s murder. She also claimed to the throne of England. After keeping her as a prisoner for sixteen years, Elizabeth unveiled a plot against her led by Mary and the king of Spain and sent orders to execute her.

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