simple present vs present continuous

Present simple or present continuous?
1. I usually (wear) trousers
2. I (read) today’s newspaper at the moment.
3. She is not ready. She (have) a shower.
4. This morning it was sunny but now it (rain)
5. Every morning I (go) to work by train.
6. Anna (like) Thai cooking
7. At the moment Robert (sleep)
8. look, the children (play) together in the garden.
9. That tennis player (usually play) well, but today he (play) badly.
10. Generally Steve (not study) very hard, but these days he (study) hard.
11. I’m busy at the moment. I (try ) to study Maths.
12. My classmate (know) the solution to the problem.
13. Those sunglasses over there (cost) 90 euros.
14. My grandmother (love) her new flat.
15. My parents (have) a barbecue every Sunday.
16. they (speak) English now.
17. Lessons (start) at 8.00
18. Mike (go) to school by bike.
19. Mr. Bingley (watch) TV all day
20. We (have) lunch at school

Volgere le frasi in foma interrogativa, negativa e poi costruire una domanda

1. He has a cup of tea for breakfast.
2. They go home by bus twice a week
3. She is studying German because tomorrow she has got a test
4. I have got a new dress for the party
5. There is a new building in that area.

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