notting hill


1.- In the film Notting Hill (1999) Julia Roberts plays the role of Anna Scott, famous movie star.
Hugh Grant plays the role of William Thacker , the owner of a travel book shop in Notting Hill, a popular neighbourhood in the west of London.
The film is a charming romantic comedy about two people belonging to completely different worlds who fall in love.
Anna leads the life of a showbiz celebrity while William lives the life of an ordinary bookseller.
However, their destinies meet and film shows that love can start even between two people who apparently have nothing in common.

2.- In western culture, we are obsessed by concept of celebrity. This explains why paparazzi are always around famous people when they make appearances, or the popularity of gossip magazines and TV shows.
Celebrities are like royalties – glamour and untouchable, they become objects of unreasonable adulation. Perhaps one of the most common fantasies of ordinary men and women is thinking of someone famous who falls in love with them.
And this is in the starting point for Roger Michell’s funny, romantic comedy Notting Hill.
This movie follows the relationship between the most famous actress in the world and an ordinary English chap.
In the role of Anna Scott, the films star who gets $ 15 million per movie is Julia Roberts.
Hugh Grant is the commoner who plays William Tatcher, the owner of a travel bookshop in London’s trendy Notting Hill neighbourhood.
One day, William’s life changes when Anna Scott walks through the door to his little shop. Later, William literally runs into her in the street, spilling orange juice all over her.
Embarrassed, he invites her to his place to clean up. To his surprise, she accepts his offer, and, after changing into some of his clothes, she gives him a kiss.
So the whole story begins then.
The tempestuous relationship goes on with ups and downs. One of the most characteristic scenes is when Anna says: “ don’t forget I’m also just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”
Although Notting Hill is a pleasant movie, it isn’t much more than that. The comedy, while sporadically funny, occasionally feels forced and innatural.

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