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PITCHSPORT 1; Sport 2; sport 3; sport 4; sport 5 – PDF; sport 6sport 7sport 8 – PDF; sport 9; sport 10;OLYMPICSWinter Olympics is coming; 

Olympics Pelmanism Blank 1. pdf Olympics Pelmanism Phonetics2 Olympics Pelmanism Pictures 3 Olympics Sports vocabulary – PDFPhrasal verbs – sportsport-locationsidioms- Sports
ITALY – DOCENTI – ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING – 2017 03 – SSSG – Idiom – PDF To Throw in the Towel
– Uk Summer Sports IITENNIS

SCIENCE:  cards; Mammothsmusclesenvironmental fictionpdfabout dragonsmendel
wildelife: wildelife 1 wildelife 5 wildelife 7 wildlife 2 wildlife 3 wildlife 4 World Wildlife Day;
Rocce: 01 Funzionamento Microscopio luce polarizzataCartina siti estrattivi rocce egizie;

RIKEN_centennial_2;RIKEN summer 17 RIKEN winter 2016 RIKEN rr201703_centennial_2; RIKEN 2018RIKEN Researchrr201712;rijen riken riken 2 RIKEN 2018 primavera riken gen. riken rr201806

ESOF_Supplement_making_science_EuropeanDANIEL book natural environments 1 (1)

PSYCHOLOGY and education:

psychology; Harnessing the power of video in ELThow to teach to childrenSix tactics to help your students deal with stressWhy children need to know their family history;Technology is one of our favourite topics at the moment;recalcatiReverend SpoonerLe persone sensibili hanno una marcia in più di Rolf Sellin;The Things That Come to Those Who WaitSigmund Freud 1; NeurastheniaDinamicaDelsuccesso_Retry


Math: cards;  LESSON CLIL straight line equation

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