4. romanticism

Romanticism:  romanticism, orientalism, schema sul romanticismo; romantic poems: s.t.coleridge, w. wordsworth; j. keats; romaticism (main features) ; romatic period (history and literature); romantic period – history and literature; romantic period

Pre romanticism:  pre romanticism
Ossian poems:James MacphersonOssian poems
Thomas Gray:  GRAY
William Blake: William BlakeBlake;  London blake;

Gothic: the beginning What is a Gothic novelHorace Walpole and Strawberry Hill

Charles Lamb: charles lamb 

Thomas De Quincey: th. de quincey

William Wordsworth: william wordsworth, upon westminster bridge, london – w. wordsworth, london visions, wordsworth in the tropics; I wandered lonely as a cloud;london visions – the blind beggar

Samuel Taylor Coleridge: s. t. coleridge, the rime of the ancient mariner, schema – the rime of the ancient mariner, jonathan livingstone seagull, the flying dutchman; the rime of the ancient mariner – the story ; s. t. coleridge – period, life and work ; questions about the rime of the ancient mariner 

Coleridge and Wordsworth : coleridge and wordsworth (biographia literaria) ; w. wordsworth – preface to lyrical ballads 

Lord Byorn: london ; lord george gordon byron (lfe and works) ; don juan Byron-She walks in beauty

Percy Bysshe Shelley: p. b. shelley  ode to the west wind 

John Keats: Keats’ Confessio Amantis;

Année Ward Radcliffe: a. w. radcliffe, the gohic novel, anne radcliffe

Sir Walter Scott: sir walter scottivanhoe,  ivanhoe (the story), ivanhoe (notes), ivanhoe (notes); ivanhoe(passages), ivanhoe – ch. 5, the talisman, rob roy, rob roy (1817); castle dangerous

Jane Austen: jane austen, l’attualità di jane austen , bridget jones film e libri tratti da

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley: mary shelley, Frankenstein, the creature and the man, the creation, frankenstein – ch. 5, movies,frankenstein

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