1. old times

The book of Kell

The  first ages.
storie della storia; British Library Board;

history: henry VIII, bloody mary, elizabeth I, mary stuart; chales I, bonnie prince charlie

history: charles I; guy fawkes; elizabeth I; elizabeth I and raleigh; lathom house;mary read and anne bonny; bonnie prince charlie, sir francis drake, mary
history of scotland
history 1The century of the Tudor dynasty;

the globe theatreThe new Globe theater

from the celts to the tudors ;

The Beginning (from Masters…); book of kellThe Nationalist Roots of Merriamorigini dell’inglesePerché la lingua di Shakespeare; Speak – L’inglese dall’Anglo-Saxon alla sua forma odierna

The Celts: the celts,  a celtic thought, celts seen thorugh roman eyes, celts and saxons,  ; the bardsceltic women;fashion – celts

The Saxons:  literature; BeowulfBeowulf anf Harry Potter;  Fashion;  king arthurTolkien about the Saxonsbeowulf, the seafarerKIng Arthur;

The Normans: the normans, william the conqueror + PDF, william the conqueror, the bayeux tapestry, ivanhoe (passages); the normans (libretto) la conquista Normanna;

Henry II: henry II; ken follet: the pillars of the earth

The Magna Charta: 1215; essay Magna Charta

the Ballad: balladsgeordie, lord randall and barbara allen, barbara allengeordieLord Randall

King Arthur: king arthur (foqua, film);king arthur;  re artù (preraffaeliti);king arthur and his  stories (pre raphaelites paintings)

Robin Hood: robin hood; Interesting Facts about Robin Hood

the drama: the beginning of the drama, the origins of the drama

Geoffrey Chaucer: geoffrey chaucer; the canterbury tales 

the Tudors: tudor times, elizabeth I, Henry VIII; Henry VIII, Mary, Elizabeth IQueen Elizabeth;

King James:  james V

The Renaissance: the renaissance,music, edmund spenser, sir philip sidney; renaissance poetry, renaissance poets, renaissance,

Christopher Marlowe: c. marlowe

Sir Philip Sydney: The Best Sir Philip Sidney Poems Everyone Should Read;

Poetry: Th. Wyatt’s poem

William Shakespeare: Victorian paintings of shakespeare;
W. Shakespeare’s cards;

After Shakespeare:  Ben JonsonJacobean Playwrights

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