Saggi: Sinclair Lewis – SINCLAIR LEWIS

Beat Generation: beat generationHowlALLEN GINSBERG (why beat generation?);

America:america, a brief history of the u.s.a., america (1773-1861), 1900, america 2000, storia d’america; history of america ; american president – lists; a. lincoln; puritan america (n. hawthrone); george washington; brief history U.S. History Time Line Question Worksheet (1); reading across america

History: 1660; 1700; 1800; 1900; 1900-2000

Vietnam War: about vietnam war

Literature: 1600, 1700, romanticism; 1800, 1900, after 1950samerican women writers

American stories and legends: american stories and legends; american indians;american newspapers; the story of slavery ;  american stories and legends ; salem trials HYSTERIA;

Benjamin FranklinB. Franklin

Movimenti: il realismo 

San Francisco Earthquake: san francisco earthquake

DRAMA: musical – the sound of music, the wizard of oz, the king and IThe King and Ithe sound of musicThe Wizard of OzAmerican musical;

Henry James : henry james;   henry james: life and turn of the screw; the turn of the screw (passage)  ; william and henry james (brief) ; portrait of a lady (summary) The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James h. james, giro di vite h. james,the turn of the screw portrait, henry james the turn of the screw, passage

Washington Irving: washignton irving and his works

Fennimore Cooper: fennimore cooper (natty bampoo, the last of the mohicans)

Walt Whitman: w. whitman; walt whitman – the dead poet’s society 

Hermann Melville: moby dick; moby dick Facts about Melville

Nathaniel Hawthorne: n. hawthorne: the scarlat letter ; puritan america (salem, young goodman brown, the scarlat letter); young goodman brown ; the scarlat letter – commentary and symbols; The Scarlat letter

Louisa May Alcott (little women)

Emily Dickinson: emily dickinson, emily dickinson, emily dikinson , women poets; emily dickinson – poems; emily dickinson – poem; emily dickinson – general featuresEmily DickinsonA Short Analysis of Emily Dickinson

Edgar Allan Poe:historical period; literary period; life and works;  e. a. poe; e. a. poe’s period; e. a. poe’s life and works; e. a. poe : life and fortune;  e. a. poe, poe e la fobia (tesina); notes on e. a. poe’s murders in the rue morgue;notes on ms. found in a bottle;notes on e. a. poe’s the oval portrait; murders in the rue morgue: the plot; critics about poe; 
stories: a manuscript found in a bottle, the fall of the house of usher, ligeia, the tell tale heart, the murders in the rue morgue, the oval portrait, the masque of the red death, the gold bug,; some words with a mummy – 4 chiacchiere con una mummia; LIGEIAEdgar Allan Poe VA Summary and Analysis of Edgar Allan Poe
detective stories: the murders in the rue morgue; gli assassinii della rue morgue 

Edith Wharton: E. Wharton

Lovecraft: the outsider (testo); the colour out of space; l’estraneo, lovecraft(saggio);  H.P. Lovecraft – Tutti I Racconti 1897-1922; lovecraft: life, works, criticism; Under the Pyramids, Lovecraft;

Mark Twain: mark twain and huck finn ; il realismo americano 

William Faulkner: w. faulknerw. falkner

John E. Steinbeck: j. e. steinbeck; of mice and men, grapes of wrath; steinbeck (furore, uomini e topi) ; j. steinbeck (grapes of wrath); steinbeck biography Steinbeck Pearl – Activities Answerkey Steinbeck Pearl

John Dos Passos: john dos passoshemingway and dos passos;

Jack London: jack london; to build a fire by jack london; jack london – joe krakauer;

Bret Harte: bret harte

Eugene O’Neill: e. o’neill; works, first plays; eugene o’ neill- i drammi di mare ;eugene o’neill – first one – act plays;  eugene o’neill; eugene o’neill (list of works);

Arthur Miller: a. miller: a. miller – death of  a salesman, the crucible 

Tennessee Williams : tennessee williams – the cat on the tin roof; a tram named desire

Pear Comfort Sydneystriker Buck: p. c. buck; pearl buck (biography) 

Henry James: h. james, the turn of the screw; henry james (brief biography) 

Ambrose Bierce: a. bierce, an occurrence at owl creek bridge, the man and the snakel’uomo e il serpente Ambrose Bierce ; Bierce-La valle degli spiriti

Isaac Asimov: i. asimov,  true love, the immortal bard; i. asimov – the last question (PDF);j. deaver – the blue nowhere; j. verne; i. asimov – life and works;A BRIEF LITERARY HISTORY OF ROBOTS;

Ken Kesey: k. kesey, somebody flew over the cokoo nest; Kesey, Ken – One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest;

Ralph Emerson: the invisible mansouth africa, Invisible Man

Robert Frost: robert frost

Sylvia Plath: sylvya plath – daddy

Imagism: imagism, ezra pound, ezra pound – poems; ezra pound (life and works);  amy lowell, amy lowell – poems; women poets; amy lowell – the bungler ; principles of imagism and examples e.e.cummigs, mindSolitaire, amy lowell

Marianna Moore: With a Perfect Contempt

Gertrude Stein: g. stein, melanchta; stein family ; g. stein: life, works, innovations, picasso;

Francis Scott Fitzgerald: francis scott fitzgerald ; f. s. fitzgerald – the great gatzby – the valley of ashes;

Frank Herbert: frank herbert 

Beat Generation: beat generation, allen ginsberg – howl, 

Carl Sandburg: fog 

William Carlos William : the quality of heaven – w.c.w.

Edward Frankie albee III: e. f. albee III; who is afraid of virginia woolf? 

Ted Sturgeon: ted sturgeon

Noman Mailer: norman mailer 

Charles Bukowsky : c. bukowsky 

S.S.Van Dine: van dine 

Richard Nathaniel Wright: r. n. wright 

Mickey Spillane: m. spillane

Fernanda Pivano: fernanda pivano 

Edgar Lee Masters: edgar lee masters ; the hill (fernanda pivano + PDF fabrizio de andrè canta e. l. masters )

Ernest Hemingway: e. hemingway – the old man and the sea, a farewell to the arms; e. hemingway:the sun also rises (2, PDF); hemingway and dos passos

Nell Harper Lee: nell harper lee – to kill a mockingbird

Charles Samuel Addams: chas addams and the addams 

Ray Bradbury: ray bradbury and fahrenhait 451

Michael Crichton: m. crichton (cards); m. crichton;

Tennessee Williams: a streetcar named desire (text, PDF); a street-car named desire – notes; a street-car named desire – study guide; 

Saul Bellow: Mr. Sammler’s Planet , s. bellow

Harper LeeHarper Lee

Grace Metalious: Grace Metaliouspeyton place;

Krankause:  INTO the wildInto the Wild;

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