6. 1900

1900: 1900, (20th century – schema, PDF);  the age of anxiety, modernism, the age of anxiety , the norton anthology – modernism an irish question;queen elisabeth I’s first christmas speech; the age of anxiety – brief introduction; prose, poetry and drama; the 20th century (general features);
the age of anxiety; s. freud  and literature

W. Churchill: Churchill

stream of consciousness and interior monologue 

Modernism: techniques Imagismtecniche e autori del modernismomontale – eliot;
May Sinclair Modernist;

Joseph Conrad: j. conrad, Heart odf Darkness:  heart of darkness, the nelli, notes, cuore di tenebra; heart of darkness, part 1; heart of darkness (ch. 1) ; heart of darkness – questions ; j. conrad – the tale ; brief introduction to heart of darkness; cuore di tenebra (testo italiano); 

Chinua Achebe about Conrad’s Heart of Darkness: Achebe C. Achebe, life

Beatrix Potter: beatrix potter 

James Matthew Barrie: j. m. barrie, peter pan, neverland, peter pan syndrome; finding neverland;  du barrie – maurier ; peter pan; 

D. H. Lawrence: d. h., lawrence, poems (piano); d. h. lawrence (life and works) ; zennor and d. h. lawrence

Gilberth Keith Chesterton: chesterton

William Butler Yeats: w. b. yeats, yeats,  leda and the swam, the second coming, the cat and the moon; yeats (PDF); the cat and the moon (notes); leda and the swanYEATS;

T. S. Eliot: t. s. eliot, the journey of the magi, imagism , correlativo oggettivo; e. montale e t. s. eliot
The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock: the love song of j. alfred prufrock,  il canto d’amore di j. alfred prufrock, il canto d’amore di j. alfred prufrock; the love song of j. a prufrock: analysis; Prufrock illustrated
The Waste Land: the waste land, la terra desolata (1922), la terra desolata di t. s. eliot ;the waste land (poem);  the waste land (sec.1; commentary); ;
Murder in the Cathedral: murder in the cathedral

James Joyce: james joyce, james joyce; james joyce – life and works;
j. joyce – general features;
the invisible narrator + (PDF)
fashinating facts about James Joyce

Dubliners: dubliners,schema,  eveline, an encounter, the dead, the dead (testo); j. joyce’s dubliners; dubliners        (notes); dubliners (note in italiano) ; dubliners – araby (plot and commentary); April to may by James Joyce
Ulysses: ulysses, notes, molly’s monologue; j. joyce – ulysses (notes9 

Virginia Woolf: virginia woolf, saggi, saggi; virginia woolf – modern fiction (PDF)
Mrs. Dalloway: mrs dalloway, mrs dalloway (1925), mrs dalloway, la signora dalloway; v. woolf’s mrs. dalloway; mrs dalloway (notes); mrs dalloway (passage)
To the Lighthouse: to the lighthouse, to the lighthous

Agatha Christie: agatha christie, poirot; poirot and the mysterious affair at style;
stories: the mysterious affai at styles; murder on the orient expressThe Murder Of Roger Ackroyd

Edward Morgan Forster: edward morgan forster; a passage to india, howard’s ends

Ford Madox Ford: ford madox ford 

Herbert George Wells: h. g. wells; h. g. wells,  the war of the worlds, the time machine; the island of dr. moroe (plot).; the invisible man (notes); h. g. wells (the war of the worlds, the island of dr. moroe) ; h. g. wellsHGWells, The time machineHerbert George Wells;

George Orwell: g. orwell, why i write, shooting an elephant; essays; g. orwell – life and works
Animal Farm: animal farm, la fattoria degli animali ; g. orwell – animal farm (notes)
1984: 1984 g. orwell, 1984 di g. orwell,  notes, saggio, 1984 (1948), newspeak + PDF (tesina); 1984 – george orwell ; newspeak; 1984 – commento in italiano; 1984, ch. 1
Down and Out in Paris and Londondown and out (eng.); senza un soldo tra parigi e londra (it.) ;notes;  charlie; charlie – notes; poverty: passages (+ 2 PDF)down and out (passage about poverty)down and out; down and out in paris and london: questions and answers (PDF);

THE THEATRE (1950s) : new trends; the theatre 1950;  the theatre of cruelty; the absurd , s. becket; the anger;
 noel coward; w. s. maughman; il teatro (1950);  w. s. maugham
the theatre (1950s); modern theatre;
playwrights 1950s: PDF- modern drama (s. becket, j. osborne, h. pinter); Modern theatre

Arnold Wesker: a. wesker; whatever happened to betty lemon; Betty Lemon, italiano

John Osborne: j. osborne  – look back in anger 

Samuel Becket: waiting for godot (plot) ; waiting for godot (PDF)waiting for godotwaiting for godotWaiting for Godot;

Aldous Huxley: aldous huxley; brave new world (notes); wordsworth in the tropics; the theatre of cruelty (the devils of loudon); brave new world; 

John Burgess Wilson: John Burgess Wilson,  clockwork orange 

J.R.R. Tolkien: j.r.r.tolkien, lord of the rings; tolkien – passages

Dame Daphne Du Maurier: dame d. du maurier, daphne du murier; daphne du murier: life and works ;daphne du murier –  work listrebeccaworks (PDF)criticism (it) du maurier;

Ted Hughes: ted hughes, saggi, hawk roosting, hook roosting story;   Hawk Roosting by Ted Hughes

Sylvia Plath: sylvia plath (poems) 

Dylan Thomas: dylan thomas Dylan ThomasThe force that through the green fuse drives the flower

Graham Green: graham green. g. green

George Mikes: george mikes – how to be an alien

Hector Hugh Munro (Saki): h. h. munro, the mouse, the open window, tobbermoy

A.E.W. Mason:.a. e.w. mason

Colin Macinnes: colin maccines

Angela Carter: angela carter, the werewolf; short stories and the werewolf (the bloody chamber);

John Michael Crichton: j. m. crichton; m. crichton cards (PDF); jurassic park; 

Ian Fleming: ian fleming ; ian fleming ; ian fleming – the spy story 

Iris Murdoch: iris murdoch 

Sir Terence Mervyn Rattigham : t. m. rattingham 

Seamus Heaney: (PDF) seamus heaney ;s. heaney – life and works;  § seamus heaney; s. heaney (poems); s. heaney – poems (PDF); guided analysis; s. heaney – biography ; poems ; questions; questions; poem: analysys; registrazioni; s. heaney – essay about language 
poems:  bogland; bogland – notes; casualty; the settle bed; the tollund man;follower; act of union; act of union – notes 1; act of union – notes 2;  digging ; digging – notes; death of a naturalist; requiem for the croppies;the other side; strange fruit, s. heaney; strange fruit – notes ; strange fruit – notes 1 ; limbo – notes; limbo, s. heaney; broagh, s. neaney + notes; making strange, s. heaney;
act of union; away from it all; the bog queen; boglands; a kite; bog queen – notes ; digging; the butts;  the stone verdict; the blackbird; from the frontiers of writing; away from it all; the bogqueen; bogland; the forge; the salmon fisher to the salmon; alphabets; punishment;the grauballe man; the haw lantern; the gravel walks 

exams IOC; 

 Harnold Pinter: h. pinter- request stop (testo) 

Terence Hanbury White: t. h. white

Robert Fowles: r. fowles, islands 

Charles Bukowski: c. bukowski

Roald Dahl : roald dahl and his characters; 

John Updike: John Updike

Charles Maclean: The Watcher

Authors: Barbara Comyns 1900Lois Austen 1900Geoffrey Hill1900.;

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