george eliot

George Eliot was born on 22nd January, 1819 in Warickshire. Her real name was Mary Ann Evans. She was highly cultured, but lived for a long time in her father’s house, devoting (dedicandosi) herself to humble household duties (umili compiti casalinghi). Later she became a contributor and then assistant editor of “The Westminster Review”. Her first volume, Scenes of Clerical Life, contained three short stories which were full of promise. Her fame as a novelist was established by the publication of Adam Bede (1859), in which she described with deep (profonda) intensity the life of the working people of a village in the Midlands. This first novel was followed by The Mill on the Floss (1860), her masterpiece (capolavoro); Silas Marner (1861); Romola (1863) which deals with (tratta) the history of Florence at the time of Savonarola; Felix Holt the Radical (1868), Middlemarch (1871-72) a sad idyllic tale (triste racconto idilliaco) and Daniel Deronda (1876). In her novels she portrays (ritrae) rural and provincial life, and stresses (sottoliea) the determining role of social environment (ambiente), religion, education on her characters with a vigorous style, always suited to (adatto al) the subject.

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