5. 1800

1800:Victorian periodVittoriano1800, the victorianesim, queen victoria, victorian poetry, victorian theatre, second half of the victorian period, stories of the english empire, aestheticism, aestheticism; il periodo vittoriano (it.); the victorian period (eng.)victorianism, victorian scheme, early victorians,victorian period schema;aestheticism British empireStorie inglesi di terre lontaneVictorian Period;

William Makepeace Thackeray: w. m. thackeray, vanity fair, barry lindon, barry lindon movie; w. m. thackeray’s vanity fair (notes); w. m. thackeray life and works; 

Charles Dickens: charles dickens, c. dickens: life, works, character and style;  railway disaster; c. dickens and the industrial development ; c. dickens and the poordickens’ towns, global warning (al gore, nobel prize speech, 2007); the black country (j.nasmith, autobiography, 1888) ; john ruskin – the sky is covered with grey cloudDickens about the Americans;

Wilkie Collins: wilkie collins, the moonstone, la pietra di luna; w. collin’s the moonstone (1868)

The brontes: the brontesE.BRONTE;Bronte’s quotes

Anthony Trollope: anthony trollope ; Amthony Trollope

E. BraddonM. E. Braddon;The Trail of the Serpent

M. OliphantMargareth Oliphant

Sir Alfred Tennyson: sir alfred tennyson

Elizabeth Barrett Browning: e. b. browning, elizabeth barrett browning , women poets

Robert Browning:Browhing, Life; my last duchess, meeting at night; meeting at night; 

Charles Darwin: charles darwin, the origin of the species (introduction), difficulties; c. darwin – the origin of the species

John Ruskin:john ruskin, john ruskin,  john ruskin (passages); the sky is covered with grey cloud: 

George Eliot: george eliot

Thomas Hardy : th. hardy (life and works);

Robert Louis Stevenson: robert louis stevenson; life, works, dr.jekyll and mr. hyde, kidnapped (brief summaries)RLS on Davos

Lewis Carroll: lewis carrollAlice in Wonderland: alice in wonderland (notes); alice in wonderland, down the rabbit hole, ch. 12, jabberwocky (11872), studi in alice (marc edmund jone), alice’s syndrome, studi su alice, la sindrome di alice; alice (web notes) ; alice in wonderland – ch. 1 (testo) ; alice in wonderland – syndrome; alice nel paese delle meraviglie – sindrome; alice in wonderland _ themes, motifs and symbols  alice in wonderland – notes; alice in wonderland – maths ; alice in wonderland – food 

Limericks: limericks , limericks, limericksLimericks fascinating factsFive Fascinating Facts about Edward Lear;

Rudyard Kipling: rudyard kipling
The Jungle Book: the jungle book, rikki-tiukki-tavi, toomai of the elephants
Lispeth: lispeth
At the end of the Passage: at the end of the passage, at the end of the passage, at the end of the passage
Poems:the white man’s burden; if

George Bernard Shaw: g. b. shaw; arms and the man ; pygmalion (questions and answers); pygmalion, debate; pygmalion vs the importance of being ernest ; pygmalion – study guide questions;

Gerard Manely Hopkins: g. m. hopkins; god’s grandeur , pied beauty, the windhover;

Bram Stoker: b. stoker,
Dracula: dracula;dracula (notes)anne rice (interview with a vampire); stephany meyers(twilight)
The jewel of the Seven stars: the jewej of the seven stars
spotlight: twilight;

Pre-Raphaelite:pre- raphaelites, i pre-raffaeliti e re artù

Oscar Wilde: o. wilde, tesina, a socialist perspective, society drama, easter day, art and the handicraftsmen (essay), dandy, dandy; the philosophy of dress; slaves of fashion ; the english renaissance of art; the soul of man (essay); the sphinx (essay) Aestheticism
bamberg university (review); essay by mazer
the picture of dorian gray – notes;
spotlights: wilde, rice,link;
historical and literary background; life, works, style


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:  sir a. c. doyle, list of works, sherlock holmes, conan doyle e i pirati, le avventure di sherlock holmes continuano, films, sherlock holmesTen Facts about Sherlock Holmes
– stories: the sign of four, the adventure of the blue carbuncle, the adventure of the cardboard box, scandal in bohemia, the ring of thoth,  the lost world, the poison belt, captain sharkey, conandoylearthur-ilmastinodibaskerville; napoleonic stories; The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter by Sir Arthur Conan DoyleThe Boscombe Valley Mystery by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ; Captain Sharkey by Arthur Conan DoyleA Memory of the Empire by Arthur Conan Doyle

Edwin Abbott: edwin abbott, flatlandia

Samuel Butler: samuel butlerSamuel Butler;

authors:  e. dowsonErnest DowsonAnn Taylor 1800Arthur Machen 1800Haggard (1800) M. Oliphant 1800Lola Ridge 1800; A. E. Housman (1800)Emma OrczyJ. G. Whittier(1800)

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