ripasso di storia e letteratura

London’s authors Literary-London-central-london-white-art-shop-homepage-

THEORY OF LITERATURE: theoryofliteratu00inwell; literature (loescher) – 32714_EllisWhiteSpaces_ProgettoCulturaleabout literature;



newpapers:  Avanguardia63;;passages for wonders

Saggi sul romanzo:  la crisi dell’eroe nel romanzo vittoriano ; m. praz; ed. sansoni; literatureSAGGI SUL ROMANZOtheoryofliteratu00inwellthe evolution of action fiction

Storie about racist problem: THE NEGRO BOY

STORIES OF HISTORY: stories of history (da libro) ; english stories and legends; stories of history (PDF)
KINGS OF ENGLAND: kings of england (list)
SCHEMI: autori e opere (PDF) ; teatro – autori e opere (PDF) ; schemi : autori e opere
SCOTLAND : history of scotland (1600 – 1700) ; scotland
IRELAND: history and literature of ireland (PDF); § brief history of irelandNovels about IrelandGreat Irish Books that Deserve to be Read or Resuscitated

PERIODS: the victorian period (PDF) victorian scheme;  1900 – 20th century/prose, poetry and drama- PDF); romanticism; i primi del 1900 (it.); il periodo vittoriano (it.)il periodo vittoriano (it.) ; the victorian period; the 19th century; the 20th century  ; victorianism; romantic period 

La Rivoluzione Industriale  – (PDF, italiano): rivoluzioneindustriale

MOVEMENTS AND THEMES: colonialism; orientalism; the doublemodern dystopiasnoir

POETRY: how to read a poem; la donna e il suo poetare (PDF); § women poets ; elements of poetry (schema – PDF); glossary of poetic devices; poets 2000 (PDF); poetry
termini poetici: termini poetici;poem devices; poetry (pearson)
Types of poems: infographic;
Poetry – literary terms (PDF): literary terms; literary devices 

NOVEL: brief history of the novel ; history of the novel; how to read a novel; how to read a novel (PDF); themes;  novel – style; fiction- characters, setting …; how to read a novel ; how to read a novel; style;
terms; Dystopian Novels Before OrwellFirst Novel in Englishon minor charactersGenres-of-the-Novel

 DETECTIVE STORIES (books and authors): detective stories; CRIME in AmsterdamWE ARE ALL DETECTIVES NOWcrime storiesColin DexterJULIA DAHL; main authorsof detective stories; crime story by womenHill House

LA LETTERATURA GIALLA : gialli per ragazzi (images)

TEATRO: modern theatre ; postmodern theatre (2 files; PDF) ; romantic theatre (PDF);A Brief History of Tragedy

SHORT STORIES: Racconti e short stories

SAGGI (essays): horror and homosexuality ; codice darwin (PDF) 

COMICS: onomatopoeic sounds ; cards;  comics in literature

HOW TO READ…:  questions about theatre (PDF); answers about theatre;  primo libro, secondo libro (PDF); drama (PDF), rules;
RAMA: drama; questions and dramatic conventions; hamlet and pygmalion; women plyawrights

ESAMI: esami (scuola internazionale); syllabus:2014-15-Syllabus_Lit- grade 122014-15-Syllabus_Lit- grade 12; IOC: IOCprimo libro;secondo libro;  schema per commentary

CLASSICI riassunti in Italiano

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