henry james – the turn of the screw – passage

I try to start the letter, but I can’t. and leave the room. I stand at Miles’s door; he hears me and calls me in. He says that he is thinking about their relationship and I ask him about the school.
Miles answers he likes Bly, nevertheless he wants to leave. He asks me to finish the letter to his uncle, but I insist in asking about his previous experiences, declaring I want to help him. Miles screams and I jump up in terror. The candle blows out.

The following day Mrs Grose asks me if I have written the letter. I answer that I have not posted it yet. The children are good at lesson. Miles even plays the piano for me. Then I ask where Flora is, but Miles simply says that he does not know.
I go in search of Flora: she is not in her bed, and Mrs. Grose does not know where she is. I suspect she is out with Miss Jessel and I say that Miles is with Peter Quint. Then I put the note on the table and I leave.
Mrs Grose and i go towards the lake and look for Flora. She has taken a boat and is on the other side of the lake. The child smiles at them and asks about her brother, but I reply demanding where Miss Jessel is.

Then I see Miss Jessel in the side of the lake we have just come from. I show her. Also Mrs. Grose can see her, but she takes the sidecof the girl. She says that everything is a mistake and a joke, she has not seen anything. Flora starts crying and asks to be taken away by me. . We all come back home. I go straight to my room without looking for Miles. Flora’s thimgs have already been removed. Miles that night comes into my room and sits on a chair in front of me.

Next morning Flora is feverishing. She has not rested the night The girl insists that she did not see anything the day before and waited all the night my visist. I am sure that the best thing to do is to take Flora to her uncle accompanied by Mrs. grose, whereas I remain at Bly with Miles.
Mrs Grose decides to leave: Flora told her horrible things duriing her dreams and the servant is shocked. She says that she believes my stories. I suppose the letter already posted, but when the servants tells me that Lucke has not brought it to town, I suspect that Miles has taken it. Probably he stole letters at school. When Flora and the servant lhave left in the carriage, I feel that i can take the command of the sistuation. Only Miles is not concerned and fgoes off by himself. At dinner time he reappears and asks about his sister’s health. Then he turns to me and says “Well_so we’re alone.”

I say that we are not properly alone and add that I expect he is going to tell me something.
We are circling round like fighters and before he leaves I ask if he has taken the letter to his uncle.

At that moment I perceive a presence. At the window there is Peter Quint. Miles admits he has taken the letter , read it and then burnt it. I ask him if he did the same at school. Miles is surprise I know everythng, but he says that he did not steal at school. the boy exèplains that he said som thinmgs to some people he liked and these ones reached the masters . But I pressed him to know what he said.
At this point I hold the boy who said that she is there. I insisted him to look at the window.

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