f. m. spillane

Frank Morrison Spillane was born on March 9, 1918 and died on July 17, 2006. He is famous as Mickey Spillane. He was an American author of crime novels his main characters is the detective Mike Hammer.

Hammer is a “hard man”: brutally violent, who feels a genuine anger (rabbia) against violent crime, this character is loosely (lontanamente) based on the real-life Texas Ranger and gunfighter (pistolero) Frank Hamer, famous for killing the criminal couple Bonnie & Clyde in 1934. He was a Second World War army veteran who spent two years fighting in the jungle in the Pacific theatre against Japan. Hammer has a strong respect for the police – his best friend is Pat Chambers, Captain of Homicide NYPD – as he knows that they have a difficult job, but understand that sometimes law (legge) prevents (impedisce) real justice. Written in the first person, Hammer describes his violent encounters in an explicit way . The Washington Times obituary of Spillane said of Hammer, “In a manner similar to Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry, Hammer was a cynical loner (solitario) contemptuous of the ‘tedious process’ of the legal system, choosing instead to enforce the law on his own terms.”

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