debate on pygmalion

Pygmalion in-class debates HL SL
Over the weekend, consider arguments for the topics below. This will be a graded critical discussion. You’ll need to use specific quotations from the text to support your opinions.


1. At the end of the play, Eliza is a different person, inwardly as well as outwardly.
PRO: Robin, Shanai, Andrea.
PRO: better appearance.
CON: she has not properly changed b
because she wants to become a florist
she is still aware she is of the lower class
she is still instinctual

2. Eliza is not worthy of Higgins-he is the superior character according to Shaw.
PRO: Sam, Se Yeong. CON: Shanai, Nicole.
Higgings does not behave like a gentleman because he ill-treats the girl and he makes her feel his superiority. Liza instead is more sensitive and understands her social position has changed but she will never belong to the upper classes. Besides he wants her to become a duchess just to satisfy his own pride not for her.

3. The title is appropriate.
PRO: Eric, Hani, Ana. CON: Hannah, Sam, Andrea.

4. Higgins is responsible for Eliza’s transformation.
PRO: Nciole, Sofie. CON: Ana, Robin.

5. Higgins is the main character.
PRO: Se Yeong, Hannah. CON: Eric, Mathieu.

ALSO, please think about how you would precisely articulate the central problem of the play (in terms of PLOT, not theme), beginning with
“The central problem of Pygmalion is whether . . .”
a poor girl like Eliza Doolittle could change her social position and be educated

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