pirates of the caribbean (dead man’s chest)

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Dead Man’s Chest (2006)
Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann are confronted ( sfidati) by Lord Cutler Beckett, head of the East India Trading Company on the day of their wedding. Beckett arrest Will and Elizabeth for helping pirate Captain Jack Sparrow to escape execution. Former Commodore Norrington is also wanted (ricercato) for delaying( aver ritardato) the pursuit ( l’inseguimento) of Sparrow, but Norrington has resigned (dare le dimissioni) from the British Royal Navy months before and disappeared. Elizabeth is thrown in prison. Beckett asks Will to recover Jack’s special compass (bussola) in exchange for Letters of Marque which will make Sparrow a British Privateer (= pirata assoldato dalla regina) and grant (garantire) Will and Elizabeth a pardon. Sparrow, on his ship, the Black Pearl, is visited by Will’s dead father Bootstrap Bill Turner, who tells Jack that he must join (unirsi) the crew of Davy Jones, who raised ( riprese) the Pearl, after it was sunk thirteen years ago as part of a deal. Jack refuses to join Jones, and Bootstrap tells him that Jones’s Pet, the Kraken, will drag (porterà) Sparrow to Davy Jones’ Locker otherwise.

Elizabeth is freed by her father, but he is captured and taken to Beckett. Elizabeth, unharmed, goes to find Sparrow and Turner, and steals the Letters of Marque from Beckett after a confrontation. Will finds the Black Pearl on the island of Pelegosto where a native cannibal tribe worships (adora) Jack as a god, while secretly planning to kill him. After a chase (inseguimento) through the jungle, Jack, Will, Joshamee Gibbs, and remnants (resto) of the Pearl’s crew escape to the ship. They sail to Singapore to see the voodoo priestess (sacerdotessa) Tia Dalma, who tells them that Davy Jones cut his own heart out and put it in the “Dead Man’s Chest,” keeping the key to the chest with him at all times. Dalma gives Jack the location of Jones’s ship, The Flying Dutchman, and a jar of dirt (barattolo di sporco) as defense: a curse (maledizione) prevents (impeedisce) Jones from stepping (mettere il piede) on land for ten years. Will is captured on board the Dutchman, prompting (spingendo) Davy Jones to confront Sparrow, ordering Jack to bring him one hundred souls in three days or be killed and be made to serve aboard the Dutchman. Will is kept on the Dutchman, where he reunites with his father. Bootstrap tells Will to leave the ship, as he is not bound to a century of service like the other crewmen.

Jack goes to Tortuga to find a crew. While hiring (arruolando) men in a local bar, Gibbs is surprised to meet Former Commodore Norrington, who tells Gibbs he lost his job while pursuing (inseguendo) Jack through a hurricane (uragano9. Norrington is hired and also Elizabeth, who shows Jack the stolen Letters of Marque. Meanwhile, Beckett acquires Governor Swann’s support for the East India Company in exchange for the safety of Elizabeth.

Will steals the key to the Dead Man’s Chest from Jones, and Bootstrap helps him escape the ship. Will is discovered by a British merchant ship but Jones discovers the key missing and sends the Kraken to destroy the vessel; the ship is sunk and the survivors are executed aboard the Dutchman. Will, however, survives and avoids detection. After Jones realizes that Jack intends to steal his heart, thereby (così) controlling the seas, he sets off to Isla Cruces – where the chest is buried – to stop Sparrow.

Jack uses his compass – which points to whatever(qualunque cosa) its holder (colui che la possiede) wants most – to find the location of the chest. A debate over possession of the heart leads to a three-way duel between Will, Jack, and Norrington. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and bad pirates Pintel and Ragetti fight with Dutchman crewman who have come ashore (a riva) looking for the heart as well (pure) . Jack manages to grab (prendere) the heart, and hides in the jar of dirt. Norrington realises what Jack has done, hides the heart and the Letters of Marque in his coat, and runs with the empty chest to distract Jones’s men, giving the chest back to them.

The Dutchman confronts the Pearl, but the Pearl escapes. Jones calls the Kraken, which kills most of the Pearl’s crew. Jack temporarily abandons the Pearl, but returns. He then wounds the Kraken by shooting a net of explosives hanging above the deck. Jack is hesitant to abandon his ship after the Kraken has left, so Elizabeth chains him to the mast by kissing him; Will sees this and becomes upset. Jack breaks free after the others have escaped in a longboat, and takes on the Kraken as it drags him and the Pearl to Davy Jones’s Locker. Norrington, upon returning to Port Royal, gives the Letters of Marque and Jones’ heart to Lord Beckett, hoping they will earn him a clean record and a new commission. Will, Elizabeth, Gibbs and the other crewmen return to Tia Dalma’s home and decide to rescue Jack from the Locker. Dalma mentions that will they require a captain who knows those waters; all are surprised to see a resurrected Captain Barbossa walking down the stairs to greet them.

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