Vocabulary: Describing Movies Vocabulary related to films and novels

History of the cinema: history of the cinema; § hisory of the cinema; §birth of the cinema;american movies; movies – prison ;the musicalacademy awardsbook adaptation;Chiaroscuro in Film By Esteban Riojas CINEMA colour and sound Friese Green glossary films MOVIES technological evolution the firsts The very beginning theory words in cinema

How to read a film: A film reviewFilms and actorsauthors vs actorsFilm review- TESSFilm review, midsummerbismacbeth film;   zeffirelli, hamletwitness spellbound plot Film review- TESS film review, mumm;

Language: Movie IdiomsDescribing Movies; cards

Films – genres:§ films; §science fiction films; §westernMovie Idioms films; § musicals; §ghost films; § pirates of the caribbean 2;films about prison – films(PDF); film-e-libri-tratti-da-pride-and-prejudiceWalt Disney’s charactershan soloAnne and the green gables Adaptation;Jane Austen Adaptations; genres;Documentaries and detective stories;  Video Art


Films – titles:  films, films sherlock holmes; finding neverland;hamlet by branagh; chariots of fire; anthony perkins and psycho ; king arthur (fuqua); snow white and the 7 dwarfs (walt disney) ; to kill a mockingbird (nell harper lee); the great gatzby ; hotting hill; lo sparviero di londra ; the whale rider; mummies in films ; blacks in american cinema; becoming jane + PDF (film about j. austen’s novels); frankenstein movies; vanity fair (the film); cuori ribelli; the fisher king; the king’s speech; spellbound(image);harry potterA Buffy Family Tree;The Netflix effectA Quiet Passion (about E. Dickinson); THE WEEK IN LITERARY FILM AND TV NEWS;Ocome othello;LITERARY FILM AND TV NEWSTHE WEEK IN LITERARY FILM AND TV NEWSBreakfast at Tiffany; Apocalypse NowBlackmail, Hitchicockdie hardJamaica InnKen RussellThe Terminatorwestworld, film

Film Directors: film directors; § film directors;§joseph losey ; zeffirellis-hamlet-questionsON ANTONIONIHITCHCOCK;Fritz Lang HITCHCOCK hitchikock

Actors and actress: actors and actress:§ greta garbo; anthony perkins and psycho ; § julie andrews ; § david boreanz (bones); film directors;

Music: Jarre


About cinema:  MOVIESmovies2a movie about Voldemortcinema – colour and soundMilena Canonero

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