christopher marlowe

Christopher Marlowe

Christopher Marlowe was born in 1564- and probably died on 30th May 1593. Graduated from Cambridge University at the age of nineteen., Marlowe led a turbulent life, working both as a playwright for The Admiral’s Men and as a government agent. He was accused of holding and propagating atheistic views, was imprisoned for this and soon set free, but in the course of a quarrel in a Deptford inn, he was stabbed to death.

His fame rests mainly upon four plays written in blank verse: Tamburlaine the Great (1586-7), about the deeds of the cruel and passionate Scythian shepherd whose thirst for power leads to the conquest of the Middle East; The Tragical Historye of Doctor Faustus (1588-9), the tragic story of a man who sells his soul to the Devil to posses forbidden knowledge; The Jew of Malta (1590) about a rich Jew who refuses to pay the tribute to the Governor of Malta, is deprived of all his possessions and later, using Machiavellian tricks, he gets his terrible revenge; Edward II (1591) about the weak Plantagenet king who was forced to abdicate by the ambitious lord Mortimer and was later murdered in Berkeley Castle.

Doctor Faustus – The legend of Doctor Faustus appeared in the Faustbuch first published in Frankfurt in 1587 and later translated into English. It is the story of Faustus, a student of Divinity at Wittemberg who turns to magic and surrenders his soul to the devil in return for twenty-four years of life and infinite knowledge. In this period Mephistopheles will serve him and give him all that he demands.

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