biographies – s. lipsyte

Sam Lipsyte (1968) , American novelist and short story writer, is the son of the sports journalist Robert Lipsyte. His fiction and non-fiction works have appeared in numerous magazines . His publications – characterized by verbal penetration and black humor – include the collection of stories Venus Drive (2000), the novels The Subject Steve (2001), Home Land (2004); The Ask (2010) and another short story collection The Fun Parts (2012). He lives in Manhattan, and teaches fiction at Columbia University. The Subject Steve tells about Steve who has been informed by two doctors that he is dying with no discernible physical cause; while studying the new syndrome it turns out that Steve is just dying of boredom. In Home land , Lewis Miner, the only unsuccessful student of an American high school, writes his confession and the truth about his famous mates. The Ask is the story of Milo Burke, a development officer who takes odd jobs to support his wife and child, till he is offered to grasp a potential donor (the ask) for university. The Fun Parts, is the latest collection of stories in which Lipsyte expertly works the line between hilarity and pathos and presents characters who live mid air in their fantasies

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