edward franklin albee III

Edward Franklin Albee III (1928-), born somewhere in Virginia, was adopted two weeks later and taken to New York in Westchester County, where he grew up. His father was the son of vaudeville magnate Edward Franklin Albee II, owner of several theatres. His parents tried to give him a high education and to introduce him into their social circles, but most of the schools he attended expelled him and soon he left his family. He revealed: “I never felt comfortable (non mi sono mai sentito a mio agio) with the adoptive parents. I don’t think they knew how to be parents. I probably didn’t know how to be a son, either.” Probably they did not agree (non erano d’accordo) with his aspirations as  a writer. In New York’s Greenwich Village, Albee did many jobs (fece molti lavori) while studying to become a writer. His first play was The Zoo Story, first performed (presentata)  in Berlin. Now he is promoting (promuove) American university theatre courses and holds (tiene)  a playwriting course (corso per scrittori di teatro) at the University of Houston. Albee has received three Pulitzer Prizes for drama for A Delicate Balance (1967), Seascape (1975), and Three Tall Women (1994), but he is mainly (principalmente) famous for  Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf ?.  His works are unsympathetic examinations (analisi distaccate) of the modern condition and Albee is considered the exponent of the American Theatre of the Absurd. Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf ? is a play on the title of the once popular song “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?” from Walt Disney’s The Three Little Pigs, but named after (ha preso il nome da) the famous English novelist. The story takes place in the house of George and Martha who invite a new professor and his wife (Nick and Honey) to their house. Martha and George drink and exchange mocking words (si scambiano parole di scherno)  to one another in front of the embarrassed younger couple.

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