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amy lowell – the bungler

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Amy Lowell
(1874 – 1925) was, together with Ezra pound , one of the founders of the Imagist movement.
Born of a prominent family and educated at home, Amy Lowell had a lively social life and travelled a lot. She went to Europe and Egypt and also started a severe diet (dura dieta) to improve her health trying to solve her increasing weight problem (problemi di peso che aumentavano).
She was fascinated by the theatre; in 1902 she met actress Ada Dwyer Russell who then became her travelling and living companion (compagna di viaggi e di vita) until Amy’s death.
In the January 1913 issue of Poetry, Amy read a poem signed by H.D., Imagiste and decided that she, too, was an Imagist. She went to London to meet Ezra Pound and other Imagist poets, introduced by a letter from Poetry editor Harriet Monroe.
In 1915 Amy Lowell argued (discusse) with Ezra Pound who termed her version of Imagism “Amygism.” In 1925, she was struck with a massive cerebral haemorrhage (emorragia cerebrale) . and died.
Ada Russell published three more volumes of Lowell’s poems posthumously.
The Imagist movement was nearly forgotten till recently when Amy Lowell was seen as part of a continuing tradition of women poets like Emily Dickinson and Elisabeth Barrett Browning as suggested in Lowell’s poem Sisters.

The Bungler

This poem is the description of how the Poetess who suffers from a hormonal dysfunction which makes her weigh increase (che la fa aumentare dipeso) fells both psychologically and physically.

The Bungler
1]You glow in my heart looking for love
Like the flames of uncounted candles.
But when I go to warm my hands,
My clumsiness overturns the light, impossibility to love
5]And then I stumble
Against the tables and chairs.
(The Bungler, from Sword Blades and Poppy Seed, 1914 )

La sbadata
Tu ardi nel mio cuore
Come la fiamma di infinite candele.
Ma quando vengo per scaldarmi le mani,
La mia goffaggine rovescia le luci
E poi inciampo
Su tavoli e sedie

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