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Michael Horowitz is an American author and archivist in San Francisco.

Horowitz’s parents were Jewish, his father immigrated from the Russia and his mother was born in the U.S.A., some of his relatives died during the Holocaust. He is the husband of author Cynthia Palmer, and the father of Winona Ryder and Uri Horowitz.[1]

A former close associate of Timothy Leary, he is responsible with his wife for the creation of the world’s largest library of drug literature, the Fitz Hugh Ludlow Memorial Library.[2]

Horowitz and actor Leonardo DiCaprio are planning a biopic about Leary to be written by Craig Lucas.[3]

Helen Humphreys (1961) is a Canadian poet and novelist who has written several books. She was born in London, England, and now lives in Kingston, Ontario. When she was younger she was kicked out of high school and had to attend an alternative school to finish her education.[1] Humphreys’ first novel, Leaving Earth, and was a New York Times Notable Book in 1998 a winner of the City of Toronto Book Award.[2]


Gods and Other Mortals – 1986

Nuns Looking Anxious

Listening to Radios

The Perils of Geography – 1995 (Brick Books)



Ethel on Fire – 1991

Leaving Earth – 1998 (winner of the City of Toronto Book Award)

Afterimage – 2000 (winner of the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize)

The Lost Garden – 2002

Wild Dogs – 2004 (also adapted for the stage by Anne Hardcastle in 2008)

The Frozen Thames – 2007

Coventry – 2008

The Reinvention of Love – 2011

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