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Books of the Week: 11th – 16 th May

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(The man of the Clouds) by Mathias Malzieu

Tom Cloudman dreams to fly and for this reason he becomes…  the worst acrobat in the world. He is often injured and once, while in hospital,  he is discovered to suffer from a terrible disease. Only a girl, half bird half human,  could save him.
THE AUTHOR– Mathias Malzieu (1974) is a singer and writer, leader of Dionysos:He has alredy published  La meccanica del cuore (2012), adapted as a cartoon by himself and Stéphane Berla.



SE TI ABBRACCIO NON AVER PAURA (Idon’t be afraid if I embrace you)  by Fulvio Ervas
It is a real story, a story of a love: a father and a son, who suffers from autism, start a journey on Route 66
THE AUTHOR – Fulvio Ervas ha already published La lotteria; a series of stories featuring  ispettore Stucky; Succulente and Tu non tacere.




COSE CHE NESSUNO SA (Things that no one knows) by Alessandro D’Avenia
Margherita is fourteen and is going to start liceo, a new adventure. But one day she listen to a message on the phone: her father is going to leave his family…Margherita feels alone and astonished, but thanks to her grandma and to her schoolmates she will grow up and become a woman.
THE AUTHOR – Alessandro D’Avenia, teaches Italian and is a screenwriter. His debut novel,  Bianca come il latte, rossa come il sangue (2010),  was adapted into a film.




ianniello-192x300 (1)

LA VITA PRODIGIOSA DI ISIDORO SIFFLOTIN (The prodigious life of Isidoro Sifflotin)
by Enrico Ianniello
Isidoro was born on the Italian boot and has a prodigious quality: he can whistle. With his Indian blackbird and a group of strange people he creates a whistling language….till he meets another silent language, the language of love.
THE AUTHOR – Enrico Ianniello (1970) is an actor, translator and film director. He has worked with Toni Servillo. On TV he is the chief of police Nappi in the series “Un passo dal cielo”.




E NON DIMENTICARTI DI ESSERE FELICE (Don’t forget to be happy) by Christophe André
Rich with stories and experiences about how to be happy, the psychologist tries to teaches us how to appreciate every single moment of our life : also in difficult moments there is happiness and pleasure.
THE AUTHOR – Christophe André is a French psychiatrist who works at the Hôpital Sainte-Anne in Paris; he is specialised in depression and anxiety he has devoted the last years to the prevention of the diseases with the help pof a positive psychology.

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