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Books of the Week: 27th – 30th April

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(Why being a referee – The football without a ball) by Nicola Rizzoli

Nicola Rizzoli decided to be a referee in 1987, in Bologna, at the age of 16, when he received a yellow card  and started learning the rules. It was the beginning of a long lasting career which brought him to arbitrate the final in the World Championship in Mexico. The book offers an exciting trip in the sports life of the most brilliant football referee in the world.
THE AUTHOR – Nicola Rizzoli started being a referee in April 2002 and has been appointed Best Italian Referee and Best World Referee in 2014



QUESTO SOLE TI PROTEGGERÀ (This Sun will protect you)
By Silvana Giacobini
Liguria, an holiday to escape love and work concerns. And one day, an unexpected invitation in a beautiful villa. But the owner of the hotel where Margot Amati is relaxing warns her: it is a dangerous place, many beautiful young women died there – and she gives Margot a talisman, a necklace. It is not a matter of superstition: soon the young writer will be involved in mysteries, crimes and secrets till the upsetting truth will be revealed.
THE AUTHOR – Silvana Giacobini has been the director of magazines like Gioia, Chi and Diva e donna and has taken part in various TV programs. She has already published Chiudi gli occhi (2007), Conosco il tuo segreto (2009), La settima anima (2011) and Il leone di terracotta (2013).




LA FINE DEL CAMPIONE (The end of the Champion) by Gian Paolo Ormezzano
A corpse is lying on the floor in a football training uniform: the journalist Rino Mossotti  finds the bomber Niko Gonzalez in the locker room. Niko was shot. Mossotti investigates and finds out not only secrets in Niko’s life, but the harsh and upsetting “rules” of football, rules that must be concealed because the business is too important .
THE AUTHOR – Gian Paolo Ormezzano (1935) journalist was the director of Tuttosport, and reporter for La Stampa and Famiglia Cristiana. Among his books are Storia (e storie) del calcio, Storia del ciclismo, Storia dell’atletica, Giro d’Italia con delitto and  Non dite a mia mamma che faccio il giornalista sportivo (lei mi crede scippatore di vecchiette).




FOSSI IN TE IO INSISTEREI (If I were you I would persist) by Carlo G. Gabardini
Gabardini writes a letter to his father. The scene starts in a family in Milan in the 70s – 80s . He describes his childhood and his father’s death – a loss which he could not accept. And he starts working frantically till one day, a young gay’s suicide makes him write a letter to La Repubblica in which he declares that being homosexual is beautiful and reveals: coming-out means starting to live. The book suggests not being afraid of saying to ourselves and to the others who we really are.
THE AUTHOR – Carlo G. Gabardini, actor and author. Among his TV programs is cameracafé (he was Olmo); he has founded milanofilmfestival and now works for radio24. His video “La marmellata e la nutella” is very famous on the web.

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