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Books of the Week: 20th – 24th April

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(Confession of a men’s trader) by Andrea Di Nicola e Giampaolo Musumeci
It is the first time that a man who controls the illegal immigration  reveals what really happens: desperate people exploited by criminal professionals, business men who run an industry which is the most profitable together with the drug traffic.
Andrea Di Nicola teaches criminology at Trento University and has been studying the problem of illegal immigration for years.
Giampaolo Musumeci, Journalist and photographer deals with wars, immigration and African problems for radio, TV and Italian newspapers




(Going together, going slowly) by Enrico Letta
Enrico Letta re-appears after a year since his resignation as Prime Minister. In this book he insists on the need to work together, co-operating in order to overcome the crisis which involves, in particular, youth unemployment.
THE AUTHOR – Enrico Letta, (1966) was Prime Minister from 28th April 2013 to 22nd February 2014.

ERETICA – Cambiare l’Islam si può

(Heretic: Why Islam needs a Reformation now) by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
In “Heretic,” Hirsi Ali insists that Islam must change in at least five important ways: Muslims must stop prioritising the afterlife over this life; they must respect secular law and abandon the idea of telling others how to behave, dress or drink; and they must abandon holy war, and, above all, they must “ensure that Muhammad and the Koran are open to interpretation and criticism”.”
THE AUTHOR – Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Ayaan Hirsi Magan Isse Guleid Ali Wai’ays Muhammad Ali Umar Osman Mahamud; 1969) is a Somali-born American (formerly Dutch) activist, writer, and politician, known for her views critical of female genital mutilation, Islam and Muslims and supportive of women’s rights and atheism.




I PERPLESSI SPOSI – Indagine sul mondo dei matrimoni che finiscono in tribunale
(Puzzled married couples – a survey about marriages which end in court) )
by Gassani G. Ettore
How long does it take to get a separation in Italy? 27 minutes. But in the background there are conflicts, discriminations, new forms of poverty, children torn between quarrelling parents.
Preface by Paolo Guzzanti.
THE AUTHOR – Gian Ettore Gassani is a lawyer expert in Family Laws.



by Paolo Villaggio

A new adventure of the unluckiest accountant in the world. Now he has to fight against today’s problems: taxes, crisis, facebook and twitter always together with his wife Pina, his friend Filini, Mrs. Silvani and, of course, his “mega-galactic” boss. As usual he appears to be the looser in a world crowded with fake winners.
THE AUTHOR– Paolo Villaggio (1932) is an  actor, writer and humorist mainly famous for his literary and screen character Fantozzi. His writings include: Storia della libertà di pensiero, Storie di donne straordinarie, Crociera lo cost, Mi dichi: prontuario comico della lingua italiana, and Siamo nella merda: pillole di saggezza di una vecchia carogna.

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