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Books of the Week: 13th- 18th April

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(A History of Courting, 1954)

by E. S. Turner
This essay describes the evolution of the various techniques of courting from the stone age up to the fifties, when E. S. Turner wrote it. It makes the reader think about – and smile at – the importance of romantic love and its games.
THE AUTHOR: Turner Ernest Sackville (1909 – 2006) was a freelance journalist and author who published 20 books, and contributed to the English weekly satirical magazine “Punch” for more than 50 years. He became famous with the best-selling 1948 book Boys Will Be Boys, a collection of all the gruesome stories of the “penny papers”. Sometimes he wrote under the pseudonymous of Rupert Lang.


(Tell me your Zodiacal Sign) by Alessia De Luca

After a love disillusion Francesca makes up her mind: she will never fall in love with a Scorpio again. But an encounter on a train will make her start dreaming again because, maybe, stars can be wrong, sometimes….
THE AUTHOR: Alessia De Luca works as an advertiser in Milan and writes horoscopes for alfemminile.com.


(Don’t go down to Naples) by Antonio Pascale

This ironical book about Naples seems to invite tourists not to visit the southern city – so dangerous, so filthy, so mafia – but at the same time it offers a guide of a city which not everybody knows and leaves the reader with a question: is Naples so different from the rest of Italy?
THE AUTHOR: Antonio Pascale (Naples, 1966) started his writing career with a report La città distratta (1999), followed by La manutenzione degli affetti (2003), Passa la bellezza (2005), Questo è il paese che non amo. Trent’anni nell’Italia senza stile (2010) and Le attenuanti sentimentali (2013). He also writes for «Il Mattino», «Il Messaggero», il «Corriere della Sera», «Il Sole 24 Ore», «Le Scienze» and «il Post».
(From Night to Night) by Carlo Fruttero

Preface by Ernesto Ferrero
This is an unpublished book by Carlo Fruttero, his last one. In it the author tells about the books he has always loved in an imaginary interview with  Fabio Fazio. He offers  a gallery of brief descriptions of novels without a precise order and narrated  with curiosity and passion, novels that reveal Carlo Fruttero himself.
THE AUTHOR: Carlo Fruttero (1926-2012) was an Italian writer, journalist, translator and editor of anthologies.He is mostly known for his joint work with Franco Lucentini, especially as authors of crime novels. Together they also edited the science fiction series Urania from the 1960s to the 1980s, and of the comics magazine Il Mago. Among his famous books are La donna della domenica (1972), L’Italia sotto il tallone di F.&L. (1974), A che punto è la notte (1979), Il palio delle contrade morte (1983), La prevalenza del cretino (1985), L’amante senza fissa dimora (1986), La manutenzione del sorriso (1988), Enigma in luogo di mare (1991), Il ritorno del cretino (1992), Il cretino in sintesi (2002), Visibilità zero (1999), Donne informate sui fatti (2006), Ti trovo un po’ pallida (2007) and Mutandine di chiffon (2010).

(I love myself) by Marco Bianchi

Gli indispensabili in cucina: i mie alimenti del benessere e 300 idee per cucinarli
(What is essential in the kitchen: my food to feel fine and 300 ideas about how to cook it )
Mario Bianchi divides the book into 10 chapters to explain the main qualities of each food and how to cook it.
THE AUTHOR: Marco Bianchi  helps people understand the food which can improve their health and prevent the organism from certain diseases. He has already written Un anno in cucina con Marco Bianchi (2012), Le ricette della dieta del digiuno (with MariaGiovanna Luini, 2013), 50 minuti 2 volte alla settimana (2014) and Io mi muovo (2014). He  also shot the docu-reality «Tesoro, salviamo i ragazzi!», and takes part in many TV programmes. On the web he publishes blog Bello&Buono on D.repubblica.it.

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