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Books of the Week: 30th March – 4th April

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(The Sforzas’ Bastard) by Carla Maria Russo
1463. Milan. Galeazzo Maria Sforza is a cruel tyrant keen on arts and music and father of the  illegitimate Caterina,  a rebel who loves fighting. This is the story of a woman who could accept the rules imposed by her dynasty, but also fight to save her children’s life.
THE AUTHOR – Carla Maria Russo has already published La sposa normanna, Il Cavaliere del Giglio, L’amante del Doge, Lola nascerà a diciott’anni and La regina irriverente.

(Eat with bread) by Oscar Farinetti
Oscar Farinetti tells the story of his father, Captain Paolo, a partisan in the Langhe who fought for a better and freer country and who was one of the protagonists of the 23 days of Alba.
THE AUTHOR – Oscar Farinetti is Eataly founder and son of Captain Paolo.

LLI – uno straniero in patria (a foreigner in his own country)
by Giancarlo Mazzuca; preface by Roberto Gervaso
In this book Indro Montanelli is remembered through the anecdotes and the stories he used to tell; a spiritual father for the ones who worked with him, and not only.
THE AUTHOR – Giancarlo Mazzuca, worked with Idro Monatnell in Il Giornale; now he is the director of Il Giorno. Among his books are La Voce di Indro Montanelli, Il leone di Trieste (with Claudio Lindner), Eredi (with Paolo Mazzanti), La Fiat da Giovanni a Luca (with Alberto Mazzuca), I faraoni (with Aldo Forbice), La Resistenza tricolore (with Arrigo Petacco), Sangue romagnolo (with Luciano Foglietta), Compagni di Camera, Il compagno Mussolini (with Nicholas Farrell), La vita oltre l’euro (with Ernesto Preatoni).

(How to be a Parisian)
by Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigret, Anne Berest
It is an ironic and lively book about the myth of the French women, debunking common-places. The authors are four friends living in Paris and  sharing the same French taste of telling life as a novel.
THE AUTHORS – Sophie Mas, cinema producer; Audrey Diwan, scenic designer and columnist; Caroline De Maigret, model and music producer; Anne Berest, journalist and writer.

(White Gold) by di Nicola Gratteri and Antonio Nicaso
The authors have personally seen, read documents and interviewd people with the help of the police to better explain and report the journey of cocaine, from the countries in South America, passing through Africa (the store) and Australia (where there are the greatest consumers) to Europe.
Nicola Gratteri is one of the main Italian magistrate who fight against ‘ndrangheta and  who investigate on the drug trade. Together with Antonio Nicaso he has already published Fratelli di sangue (2009), La malapianta (2010), La giustizia è una cosa seria (2011), La mafia fa schifo (2011) and Acqua santissima (2013).
Antonio Nicaso is one of the main expert of crime organizations and ‘ndrangheta in the world. He has published 27 best-selling books.

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