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Books of the Week: 23rd – 28th March

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MI RICORDO (I remember) by Paola Capriolo
The book is about Adela and Sonja: a wealthy intellectual girl living in the thirties and,  years after, a caregiver. Two women, two different periods, two destinies in the same house
THE AUTHOR: Paola Capriolo (1962), writer, translator and literary journalist, started her career with the short story collection La grande Eulalia then followed by Il nocchiero (1989), Il doppio regno (1991) , Vissi d’amore (1992), Una di loro (2001), Qualcosa nella notte (2003), Una luce nerissima (2005), Il pianista muto (2009) and Caino ( 2012).

VACCHE AMICHE (Cow friends) by Aldo Busi
Also Busi writes his unauthorised autobiography which is a circular journey: nothing happens because everything has already happened. With his incredible use of the language, ironical, dramatic sometimes romantic and extremely amusing the author writes a novel which turns into an essay pervaded by great wisdom.
THE AUTHOR: Aldo Busi (1948) writer, opinionist, translator TV jourunalist and reporter, has already written among the others: Sodomie in corpo 11 (1988),  Seminario sulla gioventù (1984), and  El especialista de Barcelona (2012).


NOI, GLI UOMINI DI FALCONE (Falcone’s Men) by Angiolo Pellegrini and Francesco Condoluci
Palermo, January 1981. Captain Angiolo Pellegrini becomes the commander of the Carabinieri Anticrime Section, a difficult task, but he is helped by a young judge Giovanni Falcone. The book tells the events of the glorious period of fight against mafia when men like Dalla Chiesa, D’Aleo, Chinnici, Cassarà, Montana lost their lives. Was it worthwhile? Probably they were the only ones who wanted to defeat the organized crime.
Angiolo Pellegrini, was commander in chief of the Antimafia Section in palermo from 1981 to 1985. Francesco Condoluci is a jounalist who deals with mafia and enquieries for the Quotidiano della Calabria and for Il Sole 24 Ore.


LA PROVA DEL POTERE (The power proof) by Giuliano Da Empoli
Italy does not have a future perspective because it has lost sight of the past. Perhaps the new men at the power, who are 30, 40 years old, have grown up in a period of crisis and are able to look at the past and re-discover the future.
THE AUTHOR : Giuliano da Empoli is president of Gabinetto Vieusseux and columnist for «Messaggero». Among his books Un grande futuro dietro di noi (1996), La guerra del talento (2000), Overdose (2002), Fuori Controllo (2004), La sindrome di Meucci (2006), Canton Express (2008), Obama. La politica nell’era di Facebook (2008) and Contro gli specialisti (2013).


IL MALE ITALIANO (The Italian Evil) by Raffaele Cantone and Gianluca Di Feo
Italy is paralysed by corruption. This situation has become unbearable and we must try to re-create a country were values and ability prevail over bribes, wealings and dealings.
Raffaele Cantone is Cassation Magistrate and President of the Antimafia Authority for Milan Expo 2015. He has already published Solo per giustizia (2008), I gattopardi (2010, with Gianluca Di Feo) and Operazione Penelope (2012).
Gianluca Di Feo, is a jounalist who dealts with organized criminality, secret services and gunrunners for the “Espresso”. He has already published Veleni di Stato (2010)

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