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Books of the Week: 16th – 21st March

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FIGLI DELL’ARCOBALENO – Madri lesbiche, padri gay, diritti negati in Italia (Son of the rainbow – lesbian mothers, gay fathers, rights denied in Italy) by Samuele Cafasso preface by Giuseppe Civati
This book is a collection of stories told by homosexuals who want to get the right to grow a family, to raise children. These are the stories of theirs fights and marches to overcome hypocrisy, injustice and ignorance.
THE AUTHOR – Samuele Cafasso studied communication and journalism at Iulm university in Milan. Now he lives in Genoa where he has been writing for «Il Secolo XIX» since 2005.

  (The First policy is living) by Maurizio Lupi
Maurizio Lupi is a Catholic engaged in policy. The book tells his life and political career revealing contradictions and doubts but asserting that what is really important is living and working to safeguard the common good.
THE AUTHOR – Maurizio Lupi is vice-president of the Deputy Chamber and Managing Director of the company he founded – Fiera Milano Congressi . In 2008 he set up the Montecitorio Running Club to get founds for voluntary work and non profit associations. Keen on running, he usually takes part in the New York marathon.

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SENZA PAURA – Per non perdere il bello di un mondo migliore (Fearless – not to lose the best of a good world) by Davide Giacalone
We are living in a time where fears and insecurities about the future are dominating our lives. The author tries to show the positive sides of our world , the opportunities and possibilities it offers.
The AUTHOR – Davide Giacalone was a collaborator of Vincenzo Muccioli with whom he also wrote La mia battaglia contro la droga, l’emarginazione e l’  egoismo. He has been National Secretary of the Young Republican Federation, minister during Spadolini government and counsellor of post and telecommunication Minister Oscar Mammì.

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DOMANI TI PORTO AL MARE  (Tomorrow I’ll take you to the seaside) by Bruno Arena and Rosy Marrone
It is the story of the love between Bruno and Rosy , since when they met up to now, through a period in which he had to struggle for life after the cerebral haemorrhage. It is a story of a strong feeling which has overcome difficulties and pains showing its strength and faithfulness.
Bruno Arena is an Italian comic and actor who, together with Max Cavallari, formed the duo i Fichi d’India.
Rosy Marrone has been Bruno Arena’s wife since 1989.

(1000 Years Parma Football Club) by Sandro Piovani and Giuseppe Squarcia
It is a collection of documents, stories and interviews led by the journalists Sandro Piovani and Giuseppe Squarcia who are enthusiastic fans of Parma Football Club. The book’s size reproduces the proportions of Ennio Tardini stadium which, for about 90 out of 100 years, has been the symbol of the team.
Sandro Piovani, jounalist of Gazzetta di Parma,
Giuseppe Squarcia is responsible for the external relationship of Parma Calcio

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