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Books of the Week: 9th – 14th March

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PESCECANI (Sharks) by Mario Giordano
The sharks are those Italian people who, in the last few years, have illegally built their fortune while most of the population was getting poorer and poorer. This book is a report of the Italian reality, of the corruption that everybody should know and fight because a country led by sly people cannot be saved.
THE AUTHOR – Mario Giordano, journalist, has been denouncing thefts and corruption for twenty years. Now he is a director of Tg4 and columnist for «Libero». His works include Silenzio, si ruba; Sanguisughe, Non vale una lira.


IL GRAN BALLO DELL’EXPO (EXPO Gran Ballet) by Gianni Barbacetto and Marco Maroni
The EXPO  that should be a turning point in the Italian economy is already revealing its weaknesses and failures. In the book Barbacetto and Maroni try to find answers and explanations to all the possible questions and doubts about the event.
Gianni Barbacetto is a journalist for Il Fatto Quotidiano and has already published Mani Sporche (2007), Le mani sulla città (2011), Mani pulite (2012) and Il celeste (2012).
Marco Maroni writes about economy and finance for Il Fatto Quotidiano

NEL SEGNO DEL CAVALIERE – Silvio Berlusconi, una storia italiana
(In the Cavaliere’s sign – Silvio berlusconi. An Italian story) by Bruno Vespa
Bruna Vespa retraces the political escalation and downfall of Silvio Berlusconi from 1994 up to now – an unusual story  for the Italian political system
THE AUTHOR – Bruno Vespa has started his career as a journalist at 16 years old. Director of TG1 from 1990 to 1993, he has been the host of the the programme Porta a Porta since 1996 . Among his latest best selling books Storia d’Italia da Mussolini a Berlusconi, Vincitori e vinti, L’Italia spezzata, L’amore e il potere, Viaggio in un’Italia diversa, Donne di cuori, Il cuore e la spada, Questo amore, Il Palazzo e la piazza and Sale, zucchero e caffè.
(Salvini & Salcvini – his thoght from A to Z) by Roberto Poletti
“Salvini&Salvini” is a sort of vocabulary containing all the words that the Lega Nord secretary usually says publicly and privately. Every word conceals an event, a curiosity, a moment of his life.
THE AUTHOR of the interview – Roberto Poletti started his journalistic career  working for L’Indipendente by Vittorio Feltri. After his experience at Radio 24, he now presents the press review at Telelombardia.
LOLITO by Daniele Luttazzi
The protagonist of this novel is a mass- fascinating and shameless entrepreneur.  It is an unscrupulous confession of embarrassing and obscene situations: the corrupted adolescent, the panting manic, the pretending-to-be-young  mother become narrative devices, warnings against dangerous trends. The message? We must give youths a better education.
THE AUTHOR – Daniele Luttazzi was born in Saint Petersburg in 1961 in an aristocratic Russian family. In Italy he has become a very skilful Italian speaker and has taken part in various TV programmes with his witty and caustic monologues.

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