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Books of the week: 15th-21st February

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Mario Rossetti and Sergio Luciano
The book is the report of Mario Rossetti’s story: from ex-financial director of fastweb to prisoner accused of fraud. He tells about his days spent in prison, his trial, the consequences and then the end: completely absolved as non-involved in the crimes he was accused of.
Mario Rossetti, after graduating in economy and a master in Harvard, worked for Banco di Roma, Benetton, Omnitel and Fastweb. Nowadays he works as a consultant and is writing a second book.
Sergio Luciano, Journalist, is now a freelancer and works for diffrenet newspapares, web and TV news. In 2007 he published La febbre del Toro.
(Love, crazy love) by Alfonso Signorini

Zelda and Francis Scott Fitzgerald are the protagonists of this book about their passional and violent love which brought Zelda to madness and Fitzgerald to be an alcohol addict.
THE AUTHOR – Alfonso Signorini graduated in Medieoval Philology at the  Cattolica University in Milan and is now the director of “Chi” (Who). Among his books are: Il Signorini (2006), Troppo fiera, troppo fragile. Il romanzo della Callas (2007), Chanel. Una vita da favola (2009), Marilyn. Vivere e morire d’amore (2010), Amore, folle amore (2013), L’altra parte di me (2014)
(A 5 Euro Hatched man) by Alessandro di Battista

In Central and South America there are countries where it is easy to find hatched men and they are used for various purposes: to enter a band, to kill a rival, to evict people…
The Book explains the phenomena that has become a social pathology.
THE AUTHOR – Alessandro di Battista has been working in the international cooperation field for many years. He had an experinece through South America collecting materials about social conflicts and inner struggles. He  interviewed narcos, weapon dealers and also the men who are fighting against the organized criminality.
(The Neighbour Jihadist)

by Khaled Fouad Allam
Prof. Khaled Fouad Allam points out that the attack to the satirist magazine Charlie Hebdo in Parigi is an attack to a country symbol of freedom and against censorship. He says that this form of Jihadism is different from the previous ones as it can start everywhere and the members can speak any language.
THE AUTHOR – Prof. Khaled Fouad Allam is a sociologist, journalist, and writer. Born in Algeria, he is now an Italian citizen and teaches Sociology of the Muslim World at the University of Trieste. Former columnist for la Stampa and la Repubblica, he is now a contributor to il Sole 24 Ore and holds conferences and seminars in Europe and beyond. He has been Member of the Italian Parliament and of the Commission for Constitutional Affairs in the Italian Chamber of Deputies. He is author of numerous essays translated in various languages. Among the most recent: Global Islam (2002), Letter to a Kamikaze (2004), The Loneliness of the West (2006), Thou Shalt Have No God But Me (with Massimo Donà, 2010), Islam explained to Leghisti (2011).

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