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Books of the Week: 9th – 14th February

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(Meteorology Manual)
by Mario Giuliacci, Andrea Giuliacci and Paolo Corazzon
It is the most exhaustive and updated manual ever published in Italy: it deals with all the phenomena directly or indirectly connected with the atmosphere.
THe AUTHORS- Mario Giuliacci, Andrea Giuliacci and Paolo Corazzon have written this book together with the support of 14 meteorologists from Epson Meteo Centre.

(Tax Evaders) by Hervé Falciani and Angelo Mincuzzi
For the first time a whole Swiss bank archive has been disclosed to the public. Hervé Falciani is the man who is frightening politicians, bankers, entrepreneurs and sports champions. Telling his adventurous and risky story  he explains how he has built a net which permits to denounce corruptions and frauds. Here enclosed are the Visiting Reports of the evaders now at the magistrates’ disposal.
Hervé Falciani is an Italian-French computer engineer who has opened the secrets of the Swiss bank where he worked to the polices from different countries. The Falciani List (130.000 names ) has permitted the recover of millions Euros evaded.
Angelo Mincuzzi is a managing editor of “Il Sole 24 Ore” and has published, among the other works, Opus Dei. il segreto dei soldi. dentro i misteri dell’omicidio Roveraro (2012) with Giuseppe Oddo

LA MAGGIORANZA INVISIBILE (The Invisible Majority) by Emanuele Ferragina
The author here speaks about those people who are exploited or unemployed and who are invisible as the government is ignoring them; he suggests how they could really change our country.
THE AUTHOR – Manuele Ferragina ( 1983) teaches Political Sciences at Oxford University and is a member of  Fonderia Oxford (www.fonderia.org), a political workshop created by a group of young Italian people abroad. He has taken part in several TV programmes and writes for “Fatto Quotidiano”. Among his works are Chi troppo chi niente and La maggioranza invisibile.

PUTIN E LA RUSSIA – Irresistibile e anacronistico ritorno all’autocrazia
(Putin and Russia – Irresistible and anachronistic return to autocracy) by Lorenzo Gianotti
Russia is defined  a mafioso country for Putin’s corrupted policy. This book analyses Putin and his political climbing in a moment of confusion  during the 1990s, when he was seen as the only man able to  grant stability.
THE AUTHOR – Lorenzo Gianotti is an expert about Russia and eastern Europe. His works include: L’Ottobre ungherese sulla rivolta magiara dell’autunno 1956 (1986); Gli operai della Fiat hanno cento anni (1999); L’enigma Codeca (2002); Umberto Terracini. La passione civile di un Padre della Repubblica (2005).

LA DESTRA SIAMO NOI (We are the Right Wing) by Giampaolo Pansa
The author explains that most of the Italian events and politicians hide deep contradictions as we, Italian people, have a double, split nature which overcomes the limit of Right and Left.
THE AUTHOR – Giampaolo Pansa ( 193) writes on “Libero” and has published many works among which I vinti non dimenticano (2010), La guerra sporca dei partigiani e dei fascisti (2012) and Sangue, sesso e soldi. Una controstoria d’Italia dal 1946 a oggi.

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