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Books of the Week – 2nd – 7th February

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(The Army of Useless Things)
by Paola Mastrocola
In a freezing December morning a book and a donkey meet in a desert road: the book is going to the village of useless things where everybody is happy. But once there the donkey does not feel at ease. Fortunately a young boy starts writing him letters which will give him the courage to change its situation and try to be useful again. And he will not be alone: all the useless things will follow his example.
THE AUTHOR – Paola Mastrocola (1956 -) teaches Italian in a Liceo Scientifico in Turin. She has already written several essays and five novels – La gallina volante, Palline di pane, Una barca nel bosco, Più lontana della luna and La narice del coniglio – the narrative pamphlet La scuola raccontata al mio cane, and the fairy tale Che animale sei?

(I confess: I investigated)
by Michele Giuttari
Michele Giuttari tells his life as a policemen among clues, shadowings, and investigations in a country dominated by the code of silence and menaces. It is a story that reveals hidden aspects of the past thirty years in Italy.
THE AUTHOR – Michele Giuttari (1950) has worked in the police at Reggio Calabria and in the antimafia team in Naples and Florence. Among his books are Compagni di sangue, with Carlo Lucarelli (1999), Scarabeo (2004), La loggia degli innocenti (2005), Il mostro. Anatomia di un’indagine (2006) and Il basilisco (2007), The Times has named him as the main Italian author of detective stories.

Cosa significa fare il ministro della Giustizia in Italia
(The Mafia Kills in Summer – what being minister of Justice in Italy means)
by Angelino Alfano
Il 9 maggio 2008 Angelino Alfano started his political career as Minister of Justice on May, 9 2008 under Berlusconi’s government. Alfano reveals the obstacles he had to face while trying to solve the problems of  overcrowded prisons, slowness of trials, and the mafia.
THE AUTHOR – Angelino Alfano ( 1970) is graduated in law at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano. He has worked as a journalist before starting his political career.

– Perché l’Italia non è una Repubblica fondata sul lavoro
(Hit in the Heart – Why Italy is no longer a Republic based on Work) by Fausto Bertinotti
The first article of our constitution could be changed into Italy is a Republic based on market. The Ex presidente della Camera Fausto Bertinotti tries to analyse the reason of this  dramatic social turn in our country.
THE AUTHOR – Fausto Bertinotti ( 1940 – ) was President of the Partito della sinistra Europea (Pse, 2004 ) and subsequently of the Camera dei deputati (2006). His books include: Devi augurarti che la strada sia lunga, written with Ritanna Armeni and Rina Gagliardi (2009), La discorde amicizia. Lettere sulla sinistra (2013), Sempre daccapo, with Father Roberto Donadoni (2014). In 2007 founded the magazine «Alternative per il socialismo»

(Heaven and Earth)
by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Abraham Skorka
Jorge Mario Bergoglio reveals his thought about every human topic in this dialogue with the Dean of the Rabbinical Seminary Abraham Skorka in Buenos Aires while he was still Archibishop there. Both believrs and lays will find in the book many interesting hints to understand our Pope’s thoughts.
THE AUTHOR – Jorge Mario Bergoglio (1936 – ) was born in Argentina in a Piedmontese family and was appointed Archibishop in Buenos Aires in 1998.On 13 March 2013, when he became Pope, he chose the name Francesco. He is the first Pope coming form South America.

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