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Books of the Week: 26th – 31st January

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TSIPRAS CHI? – Il leader greco che vuole rifare l’Europa

TSIPRAS who ? The Greek leader who wants to change Europe,
by Matteo Pucciarelli and Valeria Parrella
The book deals with the political climbing of the new the Greek leader Tsipras (1974) who has founded the party Syriza and who is straining the whole European system
Matteo Pucciarelli (1984 -) is a journalist for Repubblica and collaborates with Micromega. He has already published  Gli ultimi mohicani, una storia di Democrazia Proletaria (2011) and L’armata di Grillo. Radiografia del Movimento 5 stelle (2012).
Giacomo Russo Spena (1981) works for Micromegaand for l’Espresso.it and Il Fatto del lunedì. Among his books are Nalbone Ripuliti, postfascisti durante e dopo Berlusconi with Daniele (2012).
Valeria Parrella (1974) is a playwright and author of books such as Lo spazio bianco (2008), Tempo di imparare (2014) and the short story collection Sorci verdi (2011).


(The Caliphate of Terror) by Maurizio Molinari

Behaded men, enslaved women, baby killers, mass graves: the Islamic Governmenet of the Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is threatening the western world. Maurizio Molinari travels back to the genesis of a totalitarian religious system and explainshow the Caliph  organizes his state – granting everybody food, water and electric power and enrolling skilled engineers and technicians to direct oil wells and dykes.
THE AUTHOR– Maurizio Molinari is a journalist and correspondent from New York for “La Stampa”. His books include L’Italia vista dalla CIA (1948-2004) (2005), Cowboy democratici (2008) and Gli italiani di New York (Laterza 2011).


UN PAESE NON È UN’AZIENDA (A Country is not a Company) Paul Krugman

Nobel Prize and worldly known economist Paul Krugman writes: “My point is that the style of thinking necessary for economic analysis is very different from that which leads to success in business. By understanding that difference, we can begin to understand what it means to do good economic analysis and perhaps even help some businesspeople become the great economists they surely have the intellect to be.” And the book explains and gives examples showing what he means.
THE AUTHOR – Paul Krugman (1953) is an American economist, Professor of Economics and International Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, Centenary Professor at the London School of Economics, Distinguished Scholar at the Luxembourg Income Study Center at the CUNY Graduate Center, and an op-ed columnist for The New York Times. In 2008, Krugman won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his contributions to New Trade Theory and New Economic Geography. He is ranked among the most influential economic thinkers in the US. Krugman has written over 20 books, over 200 scholarly articles in professional journals and edited volumes and more than 750 columns on economic and political issues for The New York Times, Fortune and Slate. Among his best-sellers are The Conscience of a Liberal (2007) and End This Depression Now! (2012)

LE ARMATE DEL PRESIDENTE – La politica del Quirinale nell’Italia repubblicana
(The President’s Troops – The Policy at the Quirinale in the Republican Italy) by Marco Gervasoni

The author himself describes his book as an essay which deals with the President’s tasks and dutis from an historical point of view: how he can change and control the government’s decisions.
THE AUTHOR – Marco Gervasoni (1968) is professor of Contemporary History at the University of Molise and writes for «Corriere della Sera». His latest publications include: La cruna dell’ago. Craxi, il Psi e la crisi della Repubblica (with Simona Colarizi, 2005); François Mitterrand, una biografia politica e intellettuale (2007); La Tela di Penelope. Storia della Seconda Repubblica (with Simona Colarizi, 2012); Storia d’Italia degli anni ottanta. Quando eravamo moderni (2010) and La guerra delle sinistre (2012).

MATTEO IL CONQUISTATORE (Matthew the Conqueror) by Silvia Ognibene, Alberto Ferrarese
From young boy scout to Mayor in Florence and now Italian premier: Matteo Renzi in this book is portrayed as a man who can use the new technologies and media to communicate, and who embodies the Italian desire of a change.
Silvia Ognibene,  free lance journalist from Florence, works for Reuters and for various national newpapers.
Alberto Ferrarese, is a journlaist for the national print agency Asca. He has worked for “Il Secolo XIX”, il “Corriere Fiorentino”, “l’Unità”, “Il Sole 24 ore”, “Il Tirreno”.

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