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Books of the Week: 12th – 17th January

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The Royal Baby – Matteo Renzi and his Italy by Giuliano Ferrara

It is a vivid portrait of the man who is trying to change Italy, the true heir of Berlusconi with his same enemies.
THE AUTHOR . Giuliano Ferrara (1952) is a journalist, a politician and TV presenter.  First on the political left wing, he then sided Berlusconi governament. He is the director of Il Foglio (1996), which he founded. and columnist for Il Giornale.

PAPA FRANCESCO – questa economia uccide
(Pope Francesco – this killer economy) by Andrea Tornielli e Giacomo Galeazzi

Pope Francesco is being criticized as he speaks about the dangers and the negative aspects of our capitalistic society. He has been defined Marxist, but he is just making reflections about the relationship between economic rules and the evangelica message, subject he will deal with in  his next encyclical.
Andrea Tornielli is a Vatican watcher and journalist for La Stampa and  the coordinator of the web site «Vatican Insider». Among his books are Carlo Maria Martini. Il profeta del dialogo and Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Francesco. Insieme. La vita, le idee, le parole del papa che cambierà la Chiesa,
Giacomo Galeazzi is a Vatican watcher for La Stampa and writer for the web Vatican Insider. He has already written La Chiesa che non tace, with Domenico Mogavero.

GIORGIO NAPOLITANO. – La traversata da Botteghe Oscure al Quirinale
Giorgio Napolitano – from Botteghe Oscure to the Quirinale by Paolo Franchi

The book recalls Giorgio Napolitano’s life from his beginning in Naples as young left wing intellectual to his election as President of Italy and now his resignation.
THE AUTHOR – Paolo Franchi (1949) journalist, worked for “Rinascita”, “Paese sera”, “Panorama” and still writes for “Corriere della Sera”.

DIVENTARE CITTADINI – Un manifesto del precariato
The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class, by Guy Standing

In this work Standing blames globalisation for having plunged more and more people into the precariat, which he analyses as a new emerging social class. Precariat does not only mean suffering from job insecurity but also identity insecurity and lack of time control: He argues for an unconditional basic income as an important step to a new approach. If politicians don’t take the relevant decisions, he predicts a wave of violence, anger, and the rise of far-right parties.
THE AUTHOR – Guy Standing, (1948) is a British professor of Development Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He is also co- founded the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) and has written about labour economics, labour market policy, unemployment, labour market flexibility, structural adjustment policies and social protection.

DA QUI ALL’ETRNITA’ – L’Italia dei privilegi a vita

From here to Eternity (Italy and its lifelong privileges) by di Sergio Rizzo
Rizzo makes a brilliant and bitter panorama of the Italian problems by analysing the corrupted rules which have brought our country to a never-ending crisis: from incompetent managers with heavy incomes to politicians who, after just some months, live on life annuity (vitalizio is a word not even used in English).
THE AUTHOR – Sergio Rizzo is a columnist for “Corriere della sera”, after working for “Milano Finanza”, “Mondo” and “Giornale”. His books include Rapaci, La cricca and Razza stracciona; with Gian Antonio Stella La Casta, La Deriva, Vandali, Licenziare i padreterni and Se muore il Sud.

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