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Books of the week: 5th – 10th January

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– Dalle origini a «Grande madre» tutta la poesia di Pino Daniele

(Half Black –Pino Daniele’s poetry from the origins to Great Mother)
by Marcella Russano
Pino Daniele’s story has far off origins: a young, black American soldier joins the army and lands in Naples to get the Italian people free. He meets a beautiful young Neapolitan woman and, from thier union, Pino Danielewas born. His songs reveal his origins – a mixture, a fusion of Mediterranean lyrics and black soul rhythms.
THE AUTHOR – Marcella Russano, Naples 1975,  won the Price for young European and Mediterranean artists in 2005 and writes book for children. His favourite song is Chi tene ‘o mare by Pino Daniele.


SALVIAMO L’EUROPA – Scommettere sull’euro per creare il futuro

Save Europe – Let’s bet on Euro to create a future by Soros G. and Schmitz G.P.
George Soros, who deeply knows the financial global system, presents his lively conversations with Gregor Peter Schmitz, Der Spiegel Correspondent in Brussels. And besides their revelations he writes about his personal story as a Hungarian survivor of Olocaust.
George Soros, born in Budapest in 1930, is president of Quantum Fund, and is one of the main financial investor in the world. His Open Society Foundation works to spread the democratic ideals all over the world.
Gregor Peter Schmitz, born in 1975, he graduated in Harvard and is a UE correspondent in Brussels for  Der Spiegel. He was awarded the journalistic prize Arthur F. Burns in 2008



ISIS (seconda presentazione) Lo Stato del terrore; Chi sono e cosa vogliono le milizie islamiche che minacciano il mondo
ISIS (second presentation), the State of Terror;  who are and what the threatening Islamic militias want.
By Loretta Napoleoni
Prisoners beheaded, occupied areas in Iraq, military actions: these are the scenes the media have started showing since the summer of 2014. But who are these soldiers? What do they want? How could they get such a great power? Loretta Napoleoni, one of the main expert of international terrorism, gives a complete descriptions of ISIS, the new menace which has a very ambitious aim: the birth of a real state able to attarct all the Islamic fundamentalists in the world.
THE AUTHOR – Loretta Napoleoni, is an economist and a writer, expert of terrorist groups. His books include Terrorismo S.p.A. (2005), Economia Canaglia. Il lato oscuro del nuovo ordine mondiale (2008) and Democrazia vendesi. Dalla crisi economica alla politica delle schede bianche (2013). She works for many magazine and newspapers and is a consultant for security forces.



– Submission by Michel Houellebecq

In Paris François, a scholar,  lives a boring routine divided between his job as a University teacher,  his passion for Huysmans and brief love affairs with his young students. But suddenly he perceives that something is changing; the usual balance is in crisis and the social system is crashing …
THE AUTHOR – Michel Houellebecq is the author of Le particelle elementari (1999), Estensione del dominio della lotta (2000), Piattaforma (2001), Lanzarote (2002), La possibilità di un’isola (2005) – which he made into a film 2008 – ; the collections of peoms Il senso della lotta (2000); the essaycollections H.P. Lovecraft. Contro il mondo, contro la vita (2001) and La ricerca della felicità (2008), and the book written together with Bernard-Henri Lévy, Nemici pubblici.

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