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Books of the week: 27th October – 1st November

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(The Prince) by Phillips Tim

Machiavelli based The Prince on his profound understanding of human nature. Controversial and inspiring since its first publication nearly 500 years ago, The Prince is an analysis of the ways men seize, retain, and lose power and represents the first exposé of realpolitik. Tim Phillips re-intreprets Machiavelli’s text for the modern day world of business showing the timeless nature of Machiavelli’s insights with examples referring to modern business and political case studies.
THE AUTHOR – Tim Phillips is a freelance journalist writing about business, technology, economics and innovation. He has written for the Wall Street Journal Europe, The International Herald Tribune, The Times and Sunday Times, The Observer, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Daily Express and for the Guardian. He is a frequent guest on BBC television and radio and Sky News and a regular keynote speaker. Tim has also published Scoring Points: How Tesco is Winning Customer Loyalty (2004, revised 2008); Knockoff: the Deadly Trade in Counterfeit Goods (2006) and Not One of Us: the Trial the Changed Policing in Britain for Ever (2007).

POPULISMO by Nicola Tranfaglia
The “populismo” is the ability to involve masses saying exactly what they want to listen to. Nicola Tranfaglia analyses this phenomena starting from Mussolini through Lauro, Craxi, Berlusconi Grillo, la Lega and Renzi, all the politicians who have adopted this way to communicate supported by the media.
THE AUTHOR – Nicola Tranfaglia was professor of History of Europe , history of Journalism and of the Mafia at the University in Turin. Deputy during the XV legislatura, he worked for «La Stampa» and «l’Unità». Among his books are Vent’anni con Berlusconi (2009), Populismo autoritario (2010), Il fascismo e le guerre mondiali (2011), La mafia come metodo (2012) and Breve storia dell’Italia unita (2014)



by Giuseppe Antonelli

The author analyses the new way of writing and supports the idea that the Italian language is evolving and changing and that, as a living language, people have to accept  modern ways of writing and communicating offered by the latest media. To support his theory he chooses remarkable examples of great authors of the past using humorous and ironic examples
THE AUTHOR – Giuseppe Antonelli teaches history of Italian Language at the university of Cassino. He works for “Sole 24 Ore” and leads “La lingua batte” on Rai Tre. His latest books include L’italiano nella società della comunicazione (2007), Ma cosa vuoi che sia una canzone. Mezzo secolo di italiano cantato (2010), Storia dell’italiano scritto (2014) with Matteo Motolese and Lorenzo Tomasin, and La vita non è in rima (per quello che ne so). Intervista sulle parole e i testi (2013)with Luciano Ligabue.

LA BUGIARDA (The Liar) by Melissa P.
On July 11th, 2003 the bestseller 100 colpi di spazzola prima di andare a dormire (One Hundred Strokes of the Brush Before Bed) was published in Italy, an erotic book written by a 17-year-old girl. The author’s life has changed since then and 10 years after Melissa P. publishes a novel in which she analyses her life from the moment of her success on, a walk towards maturity and a realistic description of what has happened in these years.
THE AUTHOR – Panarello grew up in the small Sicilian town near Catania in Italy. In 2003 she became famous for authoring, in a diary form, the erotic novel, 100 colpi di spazzola prima di andare a dormire (One Hundred Strokes of the Brush Before Bed, 2004). The book was distributed in forty countries and translated into over thirty languages. Coming from Sicily, one of the most traditional and old-fashioned parts of Italy, Panarello’s book created a scandal. In 2005 the book was made into a film by Luca Guadagnino. Other novels written by Melissa Panarello include L’odore del tuo respiro (The Scent of Your Breath; 2005)and In nome dell’amore (In the Name of Love, 2006), presented as an open letter to Camillo Ruini in which she accuses the Catholic Church of interfering in the Italian political scene and advocates secularism in the country. Panarello currently resides in Rome with her partner, Thomas Fazi, the son of her publisher.

A PASSO LEGGERO (Walking softly) by Cristina Gabetti
Cristina Gabetti has written this introspective book aiming to show the interconnection existing among human beings: if people listened to the interior empathy and to their predisposition  to communicate with their neighbours they could live better with themselves and in the world. The book focuses on an interview to professor Giacomo Rizzolati, discoverer of mirror neurons and is illustrated by artist Ramuntcho Matta’s drawings
THE AUTHOR – Cristina Gabetti was born in New York, but lived in Turin and now lives and works  in Milan. After graduating at Yale University , she became a journalist. She works for mediaset, collaborates with “Striscia la notizia” and has published the textbook “Tentativi di eco condotta”.

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