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Books of the week: 20th october – 25th october

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In this authorized biography, Hunter Davies tells the complete story of the Beatles. The author spent eighteen months with them when they were at the peak of their musical genius and explains how they used every moment and every place to write their songs. This revised edition brings new insights and information to the Beatles legend.
THE AUTHOR – Edward Hunter Davies (1936 – ) is a British author, journalist and broadcaster. Author of many biographies – R. L. Stevenson, Beatrix Potter, William Wordsworth and Cristoforo Colombo – he wrote the only authorized biography of the Beatles.

TEMPESTA (Tempest) by Lilli Gruber
Lilli Gruber follows  the life of her great-aunt Hella Rizzolli from the Nazi rise through the second world war, mixing memories and documents in a history book with the tone of an adventure novel.
THE AUTHOR Lilli Gruber, journalist , writer and European parliamentarian, now is leading the TV programme Otto e mezzo on La7. Among her latest bestselling works are Chador (2005), America anno zero (2006), Figlie dell’Islam (2007), Streghe (2008), and Ritorno a Berlino (2009).

SMITH&WESSON by Alessandro Baricco
Tom Smith e Jerry Wesson – two failed crooks – meet in front of the Niagara falls in 1920. They are joined by a very young journalist, Rachel, in search for adventures. And they will have their adventure going down the Niagara falls closed in a barrel on 21st June 1902.
THE AUTHOR – Alessandro Baricco was born in Turin in 1958. Graduated in philosophy and in pianoforte, his passion for literature and music have always inspired his books. Among his bestselling works are Il genio in fuga. Due saggi sul teatro musicale di Gioacchino Rossini (1988), Castelli di rabbia (1991), Oceano Mare (1993), Novecento (1994) – adapted into a film by Giuseppe Tornatore with the title La Leggenda del pianista sull’oceano -, Seta (1996), Senza sangue (Rizzoli, 2002), Emmaus (2009), Mr Gwyn (2011), Tre volte all’alba (2012), Una certa idea di mondo (2012) and  Palladium Lectures (2013). Baricco runs the Holden school which he has created in Turin.

MOMENTI DI INSOPPRIMIBILE FASTIDIO (Annoying moments) by Federica Bernardo
Red traffic lights, the word “feedback”, aluminium foils, unpaid stages, stopper caps…….all the things and the facts that exasperate and ruin the daily routine are collected in this book which mixes irony and criticism.
THE AUTHOR – Federica Bernardo was born in Naples in 1985. With a degree in philosophy and a master in multimedia communication, she teaches Italian in a professional school and is a blogger. Momenti di insopprimibile fastidio (2014) is her first book.

DA QUI ALL’ETRNITA’- L’Italia dei privilegi a vitalizi (From Here to eternity – Italian privileges and incomes) by Sergio Rizzo
The Italian ruin is mainly due to eternal and shameful incomes of parliamentarians, public managers, regional counsellors, ambassadors, …. Italy must be changed starting from the abolition of these privileges but who can change them ? the politicians who are exploiting and who enjoy the benefits of this system.
THE AUTHOR – Sergio Rizzo is a reporter for “Corriere della sera” and author of books like Rapaci, La cricca; Razza stracciona, La Casta, La Deriva, Vandali, Licenziare i padreterni and Se muore il Sud (with Gian Antonio Stella).

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