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Books of the week: 13th October – 18th October

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ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE by Federico Rampini
Federico Rampini suggests to follow Steve Job’s idea and to think the Beatles as an example of start up. They doubled individual talents and worked as a source for many people in their period also giving warnings for future dangers in their songs.
THE AUTHOR – Federico Rampini, New York correspondent for la «Repubblica», has a long career as a journalist, director and reporter from Paris, Brussels, San Francisco and Beijing. He has taught in the best Italian and foreign universities and is the writer of essays like San Francisco Milano (2004),  Non ci possiamo più permettere uno Stato sociale. Falso! (2012), Il secolo cinese (2005), L’impero di Cindia (2007), Slow Economy (2009), Alla mia Sinistra (2011), Voi avete gli orologi, noi abbiamo il tempo (2012).

(The Emperor’s Hunger) by Franco Cardini
Franco Cardini mixes his experience as a gourmet and his passion for history in this collection of stories which explores the various famous dishes of Very Important People from the Middle Ages up to now.
THAE AUTHOR – Franco Cardini (1940 – ) university teacher at Scuola Normale Superiore, is an expert of the age of the crusades and of the relationship between Christianity and Islam. He writes for several magazines and newspapers and is the author of famous books such as Il Barbarossa (1985), Francesco d’Assisi (1989), La vera storia della Lega lombarda (1991), Quell’antica festa crudele (1995), Alla corte dei papi (1995), Giovanna D’Arco (1998), L’avventura di un povero crociato (1998), Il guardiano del Santo Sepolcro (2000), Il signore della paura (2008), La scintilla (with S. Valzania, 2014)

(I know it and have evidences) by di Imperatore Vincenzo

The book reveals the numerous irregularities that bank clerks are practising in banks …and it is written by a banker himself.
THE AUTHOR – Vincenzo Imperatore is an ex bank manager reveals the secrets and the strategies used in banks to fraud the money savers.

IL TEMPO SENZA ETÀ (Time without age) by Augé Marc

Marc Augé tells his memories to develop a delicate and sharp reflection on time passing . The label Old is not in our mind; our body decays but our individuality remains alive . So, the writer concludes, everyone dies young.
THE AUTHOR – Marc Augé, anthropologist and writer, has been president of École Des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales from 1985 to 1995. Among his works translated into Italiani is the bestselling Diario di un senza fissa dimora (2011).

(The fat chamber – a diet for the regional councils ) by Salvo Toscano

Not only the High Chamber at Palazzo Madama and the low Chamber at Montecitorio must be mentioned for their wastes. There is a third chamber, the fat one, formed by the regional councilors  – a horde of people well paid and uncontrolled now being enquired. But the government has imposed heavy cuts …..that the regions are not adopting.
THE AUTHOR – Salvo Toscano is a journalist for Sicilian magazines and papers. He has also worked for RAI and TV.

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