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Books of the week: 22nd September – 27th September

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L’ULTIMA DEL DIAVOLO (The devil’s latest act) by Pietrangelo Buttafuoco
Cardinal Taddeo Reda from Giugliano, diplomatic councellor of Vatican, is aristocratic, moody, snobbish, a true Neapolitan. The devil proposes him a very odd pact: 12 million dollars to devote whoever he wants if a saint  is cancelled. The Saint is  the monk Bahira, the first  who had warned Christianity that Mahomet could be a future prophet. It is a theological thriller which moves in time and space crowded by devils, imams, caliphs and cardinals.
THE AUTHOR – Pietrangelo Buttafuoco was born in Catania in 1963. Journalist, president of the theatre in Catania, he worked for “Il Foglio” and now writes for “Panorama”. He has already published some books included Fogli consanguinei (2001), Le uova del drago (2005),  Cabaret Voltaire (2008) and Fimmini (2009) and has produced a documentary film I picciotti del profeta (2007).

GENERAZIONE TABLET (Tablet Generation) by Katia Provantini, Maria Longoni
Nowadays parents are worried about the dependance, the addiction of their children to  computer. They belong to the digital generation, surrounded by any kind of media and create virtual friendship on the web. Katia Provantini and Maria Longoni analyze negative and positive sides of the use of the new media  and suggest to grow children with a critical capacity making them reach a digital wisdom.
THE AUTHORS – Katia Provantini, psychologist, works in Padoa and Milan. She is president of the Minatauro Cooperative and coordinates equipes studying learning and leanings. She has already published La scelta giusta. Orientarsi dopo la terza media (2009) with Anna Arcari, and Padri, madri, figli adolescenti (2012) with Elena Riva.
Maria Longoni, psychologist and psychotherapist, works with children and adolescents and supports parents with children facing the evolutive crisis. Moreover she is a consultant in schools to prevent dispersion and discomfort.

LONDON IN LOVE by Melinda Miller
Lisa, thirty years old, is going to London to start a new life after being left by her boyfriend. Next to her, on the plane, Michele: thirty years old, broker, wants to leave London and marry her historical fiancé. Liza and Michele can’t stand each other and part as soon as they arrive at Heathrow …just to meet again in “God Save the Heels”, the fashionable shoe shop in Notting Hill, where Lisa works. This time it will be love at first sight.
THE AUTHOR – Melinda Miller does not exist: it is the pen name of two Italian writers who met at the airport, got married and have written their story in this book.

IO, KILLER MANCATO ( I, a failed killer) by Francesco Viviano
The book tells the story of Francesco Viviano, a boy grown up among mafiosi and who has chosen not to follow the usual path becoming one of the most important Italian reporters. In this book he remembers the years of the war against the Mob, the trials, the murders of Falcone and Borsellino, the informers’ confessions, the first revelations of the link between the government and the Mob. It is a portrayal of the split personality of Sicily.
THE AUTHOR – Francesco Viviano, reporter for “la Repubblica”, has followed the anti-Mob trials, and the wars  in Iraq and in Afghanistan. He has been awarded as the best reporter of the year several times and has published Annetta e il generale (2005); Michele Greco, il memoriale (2008); Mauro De Mauro, una verità scomoda (2009); with Alessandra Ziniti: I maledetti e gli innocenti (2010); Moti e silenzi all’università (2010); I misteri dell’agenda rossa (2010); Capaci, Via D’Amelio (2012) and Visti da vicino (2012).

VINCERE LE ABBUFFATE (Overcoming Binge Eating) by Christopher G. Fairburn
The book supplies a detailed account of binge eating problems together with a self-help programme based upon the successful cognitive behavioural treatment for them. This programme has been extensively tested and is a leading first line treatment for binge eating problems.
THE AUTHOR – Christopher G. Fairburn trained in medicine at Oxford and in psychiatry at Edinburgh. He now directs two research centres at Oxford, the Centre for Research on Eating Disorders and the Centre for Research on Dissemination.  This reflects his two main research interests, the nature and treatment of eating disorders and the development, evaluation and dissemination of psychological treatments.

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