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LA SINDROME DI HUGH GRANT (Hugh Grant Syndrome) by Daniele Cobianchi
Thomas Rimini is handsome, bright, with a brilliant career, but he is 40 and has to take a decision. He chooses the simplest way: he leaves his girlfriend, starts working hard and frequenting his old friends, single as he is. But this way soon reveals  its obstacles. Daniele Cobianchi describes a picture of the dissatisfied, depressed, weak 40 years old men … Hugh Grants out of the screen.
THE AUTHOR: Daniele Cobianchi, lives in Milan and works  in the field of communication. He has already published the novel Il segreto del mio insuccesso (2006) and the short story  Gli occhi di mio padre («La Luna di Traverso», 2007).

L’AMANTE INGLESE DI SISSI  (The Fortune Hunter – The Real-Life Sisi ) by Daisy Goodwin
Empress Sisi is one of the most loved Princess in  the world. The book reveals her manias, her depression and the obsession with her own appearance – her hair in particular. It also says about Sisi’s love affair with Captain Bay Middleton and  then her tragic death, stabbed by a young Italian anarchist. Daisy Godwin undelines the parallelism between Sisi and another unfortunate and tragic princess, Lady Diana
THE AUTHOR –  Daisy Goodwin is an award-winning television producer, writer and founder of Silver River Productions. In addition to this, she is an editor of numerous poetry anthologies and reviews regularly for the Sunday Times. Her first novel, My Last Duchess, was published in 2010. Daisy is married to Marcus Wilford who she met at university. They have two daughters, and three dogs and live in West London.


LE PERSONE SENSIBILI SANNO DIRE NO  (Sensitive people can say “no”)by Rolf Sellin
Sensitive people, respectful of anybody’s needs find it difficult to say no. In this book Rolf Sellin suggests concrete and effective methods to develop the ability to establish limits without feeling guilty.
THE AUTHOR –  Rolf Sellin (1948) is a psychotherapist trained on systemic coaching, PNL, Quantum Psychology and Voice Dialogue. Founderof l’HSP (Highly Sensitive Persons) Institute in Stuttgart where he explains how to manage hyper-sensitiveness, he has already published Le persone sensibili hanno una marcia in più (2012).


FRA I DANNATI DELLA TERRA (Among the damned )di Gianni Oliva
The book follows the story of the Foreign legion which was founded in 1831 by Louis-Philippe and gathered desperate people without roots and families. They were employed in the dirtiest feats of the French Colonial empire  and were the protagonists of dramatic and violent deeds. Nowadays there are still 7200 volunteers who are professional soldiers engaged into multinational enterprises of  peace enforcing and  peace keeping.
THE AUTHOR –  Gianni Oliva is a keen scholar of the 20th century history. His publications include La resa dei conti, Umberto II, Foibe, Storia dei carabinieri, Duchi d’Aosta, Le tre Italie del 1943, L’alibi delle Resistenza, Profughi, la nuova edizione di Storia degli Alpini, «Si ammazza troppo poco», Soldati e ufficiali, Esuli, Un regno che è stato grande.


ADESSO BASTA (That’s that) by  Simone Perotti
Simone Perotti suggests a new way of living, a revolution which must start in ourselves , trying to cut the links with the habits and the duties imposed by the society. Maybe the crisis is giving us the chance to take our life in our hands,  be free and experience the positive results of  downshifting.
THE AUTHOR: Simone Perotti has written Avanti Tutta (2011), Ufficio di scollocamento (with Paolo Ermani, 2012) and Dove sono gli uomini? (2013). He has written and presented the show Un’altra vita.

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