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Books of the week: 8th September – 13th September

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ARRIVANO I PAGLIACCI (The clowns are coming) by Chiara Gamberale
Allegra Lunare is twenty and she must start a totally new life. To overcome her fears she decides to write to the new tenants of her house. The objects arund her become objective correlatives which reveal her feelings and  emotions.
THE AUTHOR: Chiara Gamberale was born in 1977 in Rome where she lives. She has already published the bestsellers Una vita sottile (1999), Le luci nelle case degli altri (2010), L’amore quando c’era (2012) and Per dieci minuti ( 2013). She writes and presents various TV shows like “Quarto piano scala a destra” “Io, Chiara e L’Oscuro” and contributes to some remarkable magazines.

TI PORTERA’ FORTUNA (It twill bring you good luck) by Luciano De Crescenzo

Carla, a young student, wants to write her thesis on Luciano De Crescenzo, and asks him to meet her: He accepts, but at one condition: she must walk with him along Naple’s street, because only in touch with his hometowm the girl can understand his thoughts and ideas.
THE AUTHOR: Luciano De Crescenzo, engineer, scriptwriter, actor and director, started publishing in 1977 when he published Così parlò Bellavista. His works include Raffaele, La Napoli di Bellavista, Zio Cardellino, Oi Dialogoi, Vita di Luciano De Crescenzo scritta da lui medesimo, Elena, Elena amore mio, Il dubbio, Croce e delizia, Panta rei, Ordine e disordine, Nessuno, Sembra ieri, Il tempo e la felicità, Le donne sono diverse, La distrazione, Tale e Quale, I pensieri di Bellavista, Il pressappoco, Il caffè sospeso, Socrate e compagnia bella, Ulisse era un fico, Tutti santi me compreso, Fosse ‘a Madonna!, Garibaldi era comunista.


(A flicking truth) by Gianrico Carofiglio

The Carabinieri Marchal Pietro Fenoglio thinks that a good detective must be able to build a story, understand what happened before and after the crime, then work out what confirms and contradicts the same story. And  while he is investigating on a murder -the solution of which appers even  too obvious- he tries to apply his motto.
THE AUTHOR: Gianrico Carofiglio has written many tales, novels and essays. His most famous character is the lawyer Guido Guerrieri and among his bestselling titles are La doppia vita di Natalia Blum and Cocaina.


VITA DI NAPOLEONE Il manoscritto di Sant’Elena, 1817 (Napoleon’s Life – Saint Elena’s manuscript, 1817)

In novembre 1817, while on exile in Saint Elena, Napoleone receives a manuscript about his life written by an English commander just landed on the Island. Napoleon is described as a self confident and determined man, who  can face also his own mistakes. Once ascribed to Madame de Staëlthe, the manuscript was probably written by Frédéric Lullin de Chateauvieux, a Swiss traveller. Napoleone added his own comments on the writing.

(Lady Warriors) by Elisabetta Ambrosi

The new warriors are the moden Italian mothers always running, divided between their roles  as mothers and workers, fighting with laws which do not help them.
Elisabetta Ambrosi has decided to collect the various  tactics of friends and mothers on her blog “Sex and (the) stress”, and this book is the result of their answers.
THE AUTHOR: Elisabetta Ambrosi, after a degree in philosophy, started writing . Among her books are Non è un paese per giovani , Inconscio ladro. Malefatte degli psicoanalisti, Chi ha paura di Nichi Vendola?,Mamma a modo mio. Guida pratica ed emotiva per neomamme fuori dal coro and Sos Tata 6–9 Anni.

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