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Books of the week: 11th August – 15th August

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(Revelations) by Massimo Polidoro
Nowadays secrets cannot exist thank to social networks, interceptions and mobile phone. Nevertheless, plots and intrigues are increasing. This book is a journey among the hidden mysteries that sometimes emerge again never to be explained or denied.
THE AUTHOR – Massimo Polidoro, journalist , is an expert as to mysteries and the psychology of the unusual.  He has presented programmes like Eva and Big Bang! Un viaggio nei misteri. As a writer he has already published Enigmi e misteri della storia and Indagine sulla vita eterna with  Marco Vannini


– Eugene Robert Black e l’ascesa della cultura dello sviluppo in Italia
(The World Banker – Eugene Black and the increase of the culture development in Italy) by  Giovanni Farese and Paolo Savona
This book tells, for the first time, the life of Eugene R. Black who was the president of the world bank in the period of development. He was  the emblem of the ascent of the culture development, a culture which lasted from 1929 crisis and till 1971 and that now has disappeared. It was a period in which Italy was present and gave its contribution to the world economy with men like  Luigi Einaudi, Alcide De Gasperi, Donato Menichella, Ezio Vanomi .
Giovanni Farese is professor of History of the Economic Development at LUISS Guido Carli
Paolo Savona is an economist and Professor.

The unfinished book by Portughese Nobel Prize Artur Paz Semedo, is about weapons and war: the protagonist is an employee in  a weapon factory and loves arms and war films…till some scenes from  L’Espoir by  André Malraux and the reading of the homonymous book start changing his vision and bring him to do an analysis in depth – unfortunately  left incomplete – about war.
THE AUTHOR – José de Sousa Saramago, was born in 1922 in Portugal and was awarded the Nobel Prize for  Literature in  1998. In his works, he describes revolutionary perspectives on historic events, emphasizing the human factor. He was a proponent of libertarian communism and was  criticized by the Catholic Church, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. Disheartened by  the  political censorship of his work in his own country, the writer went into voluntary exile on the Spanish island of Lanzarote, till his death in 2010. His books include O Ano da Morte de Ricardo Reis (1984,The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis); A Jangada de Pedra (1986, The Stone Raft); História do Cerco de Lisboa  (1989, The History of the Siege of Lisbon); O Evangelho Segundo Jesus Cristo (1991,The Gospel According to Jesus Christ); Ensaio sobre a Cegueira (1995, Blindness); Todos os Nomes (1997, All the Names); O Conto da Ilha Desconhecida (1997, The Tale of the Unknown Island);  A Caverna (2000, The Cave);  A Maior Flor do Mundo (2001, Children’s Picture Book); O Homem Duplicado (2002, The Double); Ensaio sobre a Lucidez (2004, Seeing); Don Giovanni ou O Dissoluto Absolvido (2005, Don Giovanni, or, Dissolute Acquitted);As Intermitências da Morte (2005, Death with Interruptions); As Pequenas Memórias (2006, Small Memories); A Viagem do Elefante (2008, The Elephant’s Journey); Caim (2009, Cain).


(Wonderful from this point of View) by  Walter Fontana
This books recalls the fantasy tradition of Orwell,  Huxley and Bradbury, e the atmospheres of films like Truman Show and Matrix: stories in which dreams become nightmares. In a very near future people live happily in areas controlled by soldiers: the 1960s, the ’70s, the ’80s  and the ’90s.  People live continuously repeating the same year with the same books, films, songs, news, products. They cannot move from an area to the other. One of them is Leo, a  garbage collector. He makes his duty faithfully till, among the garbage,  he meets a girl, Maia, a rebel who wants to change her area…
THE AUTHOR –  Walter Fontana has published severall books included L’uomo di marketing,  La variante limone and Non ho problemi di comunicazione. He writes the play readings for Angela Finocchiaro, Hendel, Bisio, De Luigi, Paola Cortellesi and Ale e Franz ; contributed to shows like Mai dire Goal, Zelig and wrote the scripts for Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo’s films.

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