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Books of the week: 4th August – 9th August

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(e se non va bene… non è ancora la fine) by Rachel Martos

Carla is a radio presenter. She speaks to get her own living and she loves talking. When a vocal cord surgical operation forces her to silence… she will find the way to make her real capacity to communicate emerge.
THE AUTHOR – Raquel Martos, journalist and author, was born in Madrid. After a degree in communicating sciences, she has taken part in several radio programmes and has written for the stage. Now she is the presenter of “El Hormiguero” on Antena 3. Her first novel was I baci non sono mai troppi ( Los besos no se gastan,2013;), followed by E Alla fine andrà tutto bene – e se non va bene… non è ancora la fine (No pasa nada. Y si pasa se le Saluda, 2014)

veloce (1)
(Lunch Time Homicides) by Viola Veloce
Francesca Zanardelli is in her firm, in the toilette, after lunch when she sees two feet stretching out from a toilette door: it is Marinella Sereni, her detested desk mate, stone dead, strangled. Francesca is the only witness of the murder and her life starts changing. Everybody, frightened, suggests her to leave her job, but she is afraid of the idea of unemployment . And the detective story becomes a means to satirically present a picture of Italian instability and the problem of temporary employment.
THE AUTHOR – Viola Veloce is the pseudonymous of an employee from Milan and her biography is written on her blog “Woman, employee, separated with a son attending the suole medie. Back from the office I tidy, cook a bit, clean and do the homework with my son….[…] then at eleven p. m., in Milan what can I do? Could I leave my eleven-year- old son alone? I work on my pc, what else?”

(Life is a Wonderful LouBou) by Bea Buozzi
For Clorinda every shoe she buys is important: ballet flats for her first kiss, high laced boots for her first exam, yellow courts to attract her future employer and the red sole Louboou shoes were the present of her unfaithful lover Giulio, the man who has broken her heart. Everything seems to collapse when she meets Mr. Buk, an unconventional young man wearing sneakers and dread, strolling around with his two dogs. And everybody knows,  opposites attracts each other.
THE AUTHOR – Bea Buozzi is a journalist who writes for Cosmopolitan and Donna Moderna. She has already published Beati e Bannati and Chi dice donna dice tacco. Her web site is hotmag.me/beabuozzi.

(Nenè’ tales) by Andrea Camilleri ,
collected by Francesco Anzalone e Giorgio Santelli
Andrea Camilleri’s stories create a magic narrative. His characters look alive, vivid with their vices and weakness. In this book the characters are Leonardo Sciascia, Luigi Pirandello, Eduardo De Filippo, Renato Rascel, Jean Genet, Samuel Beckett, George Patton. He describes true stories set in real places and historical periods with, in the background, his beloved Sicily.
THE AUTHOR – Andrea Camilleri (1925) in his long career has met and worked with figures like Beckett, Pirandello, Majakovskij and Eliot. His activity as an author started in the late 1970s and has met the public and the critics’ tastes in particular with Montalbano’s stories. His latest best sellers Il diavolo tentatore (2012) and I racconti di Nené (2014).

AMICI DI LETTO: 17 regole certe (e 3 dubbie) per evitare guai
(Fighting for Love – Seducing Cindarella) by Gina L. Maxwell
After the failure of her marriage, Lucy starts looking for her prince charming: handsome, in career, who likes having a family and well tempered. Stephen, her colleague, doctor in the same hospital, fits her ideal, but he does not care a straw of her. Then Reid comes, her brother’s best friend who is ready to give her precious pieces of advice about how to seduce a man if she helps him to recover after a hard martial art match . And they soon get involved…only sexually?
The AUTHOR – Gina L. Maxwell is a love story addict and confesses she writes books she would like to read. Her production includes the Fighting for Love series (Seducing Cindarella; Rules of Entanglement; Fighting for Irish) and the Prophecy of Souls series , the first is Desires of the Soul.

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