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Books of the week : 28th July – 1st August

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Morti di fama_Sovrac_@01
(Starving for Fame) by Loredana Lipperini and Giovanni Arduino

The book is an ironical portrayal of the web effects: billions of people promote themselves as they were articles, brands. They  connect with other social networks and click I like. The famous sentence I think so I am, is now I am clicked, so I am.
THE AUTHORS – Loredana Lipperini is a journalist, TV presenter and writer. Among her works are Ancora dalla parte delle bambine, Non è un paese per vecchie, Di mamma ce n’è più d’una and L’ho uccisa perché l’amavo, along with Michela Murgia.
Giovanni Arduino has dealt with foreign fiction and not-fiction as editor for Sperling & Kupfer , Elliot Edizioni and Arcana and Castelvecchi. He has been a freelance and discoverer of many authors and has brought to Italy numerous TV series since 2011. He has written several bestsellers under pseudonyms like Joe Arden e Jonathan Snow.

(You are in love with me and You don’t know it) by Tiziana Merani

When your 21st birthday comes you must start thinking about what to do in your life and stop strolling about. And Paolo is 21 when a phone call of an old friend of his changes his life: he can write a book about seduction. He was so good in theory, but as to practice… till he meets a girl and the game becomes reality .
THE AUTHOR – Tiziana Merani has contributed to magazines and newspapers and has written several book for young people. His works include: Devo comprare un mastino (2012) and the sequel Amori a progetto and Se son rose.


STORIE SCRITTE SULLA SABBIA (Stories written on the sand) by Gaetano Cappelli
Dreamers, sweet rogues, lovely losers are the protagonists of the stories told in this book. People who usually do not reach their goals that , just for a change, see their dreams come true…almost true.
THE AUTHOR – Gaetano Cappelli has already written several best sellers like Romanzo irresistibile della mia vita vera, Volare basso, Il primo, La vedova, Il santo e il segreto del pacchero estremo and Parenti lontani. After publishing Storia controversa dell’inarrestabile fortuna del vino Aglianico nel mondo, he has become Chevalier de la Confrérie du Tastevin di Borgogna.

(Song of the Fireflies) by J.A. Redmerski

Brayelle Bates has always been a force of nature, a carefree spirit. The only person who has ever truly understood her is her best friend, Elias Kline. They part but their bond is too strong and Bray couldn’t survive without him. They meet again and Elias decides to follow her even when she decides to flee in a desperate attempt to escape her destiny as he understands the darkness hidden in her soul.
THE AUTHOR – J.A. Redmerski (1975) is an American bestseller writer. Among her success are the series The Darkwoods Trilogy, and In the Company of Killers and the famous The Edge of Never and The Edge of Always. Now she lives in Arkansas with her three children and a dog.

(The Point of View of the Horse ) by Vittorio Sgarbi

Caravaggio is really an up-to -date artist because his paintings mirror the ethics of our time. Caravaggio has been truly understood in 1900, a period marked by values like freedom, individuality, class struggle.
THE AUTHOR – Vittorio Sgarbi is an art critic, author of numerous articles and books included the latest Viaggio sentimentale nell’Italia dei desideri , Le meraviglie di Roma. Dal Rinascimento ai giorni nostri , Piene di grazia. I volti della donna nell’arte , L’arte è contemporanea , Nel nome del figlio  and Il tesoro d’Italia. La lunga avventura dell’arte.

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