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(Slaves of being visible)  by Tonino Perna

In our society being visible has become an obsession, a kind of pathology and to get five minutes limelight everyone is ready to do whatever they can. The author shows and explains how the new communication technologies have exalted this aspect of life and are creating an anthropologic mutation.
THE AUTHOR – Tonino Perna, economist and sociologist, is professor at Messina University. He was a director at C.R.I.C. – Regional Centre of Intervention for Cooperation, president of Aspromonte National Park and of the Ethic – scientific Committee at Banca Popolare Etica di Padova.

BREAKING BEPPE by Giuliano Santoro

The question is: the movement created by Beppe Grillo and Gianroberto Casaleggio has a future? The results of the European Election have shown a moment of arrest. The author of this book analyses the movement and its origins: the 5stars members represent the dissatisfaction of Italian people, the weakness of Italian political system and the great power of television and of the web nowadays.
THE AUTHOR – Giuliano Santoro, journalist and writer, expert of policy and society, in 2012 published Su due piedi, camminando per un mese attraverso la Calabria.
TESTA CUORE E GAMBE (Head, Heart and Legs) by Antonio Di Rosa, Antonio Conte
Antonio Conte:  the right man for Juventus Football league. Arrived in Turin in 199, he has always been a respectful and dutiful football player who stopped his career in 2004 and started being a trainer. For the first time he tells about his life and his ideas in this book
Antonio Conte as a footballer won five championships, an Italian Cup, Four Italian Super Cups , a Champions League, an Intercontinental Cup, a UEFA Cup and a European Super Cup: before being a trainer at Juventus he worked for Arezzo, Bari, Atalanta e Siena.
Antonio Di Rosa was vice-director at “Corriere della Sera”, “Il Secolo XIX” and at “La Gazzetta dello Sport”.

NON CHIEDERMI COME SEI NATA (Don’t ask me how you were born) by Annarita Briganti

Gioia is a career journalist who understands she would like to be a mother after a miscarriage and has to face the therapies of the in vitro fertilization. The book denounces the difficulty that a woman who would like to be mother has to face both in her professional and private life in Italy.
THE AUTHOR – Annarita Briganti, cultural journalist, is a writer and collaborates with the cultural group Il Mucchio: She says she loves literature, sweets and writers.

IO SIAMO. INSIEME PER COSTRUIRE UN’ITALIA MIGLIORE (I are. Together to build a better country) by

Corrado Passera
The book presents a deep analysis of the Italian crisis and proposes a series of suggestions to solve the problem of unemployment and to involve people in policy supporting a new vision of politicians, the same idea which has brought him to found a new movement Italia Unica.
THE AUTHOR – Corrado Passera ( 1954) manager in public and private companies, in Poste Italiane and Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, was a minister for the economic development, infrastructure and transport. In 2014 he has founded the new movement Italia Unica.

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