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(Don’t speak about football) by Francesca Serafini

Francesca Serafinei chooses football, a passion that involves most Italian people, to reflect and comment about contemporary Italy in every field, included books and authors.
THE AUTHOR: Francesca Serafini, scriptwriter and essayist, is a writing lecturer in many European universities, editor for various publishing houses and collaborates with RSI. Among her books are L’italiano letterario: poesia e prosa (with Giordano Meacci, 2011), third volume of Storia della lingua italiana per immagini directed by Luca Serianni; and Questo è il punto. Istruzioni per l’uso della punteggiatura (2012).

(I lost my words) by Trio Medusa

The book is a collection of all the writings, messages and photos sent to Trio Medusa social. It is a panorama of errors, absurd language and humour. At the end: eight cards with the most beautiful images you can cut and send. The proceeds of the book will be given to CESVI, the humanitarian independent worldly organization which work to face every sort of calamity.
THE AUTHORS: Trio Medusa is formed by Giorgio Maria Daviddi, Gabriele Corsi and Furio Corsetti, who started their carrer in Le Iene,  Parla con me,  La Gaia Scienza and Quelli che… Since 2001 they present everyday Chiamate Roma Triuno Triuno on Radio Deejay from 7.00 to 9.00

(My black stars – from Lucy to Barak Obama) by Lilian Thuram

Lilian Thuram is one of the most appreciated French footballers in Italy. He uses his popularity for humanitarian goals. In this book he writes about all the people who belong to the oppressed and the outcasts and that have changed the story of the world such as Lucy, Barack Obama, Esopo, Dona Beatrice, Puskin, Aimé Cesaire, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali, Tupac Amaru.
THE AUTHOR: Lilian Thuram was born in Guadalupa in 1972; he has been a very important International footballer, world champion in 1998 and European champion in 2000. In Italy he played with Parma and Juventus. When he retired in 2008 he founded “éducation contre le racism” an organization born to fight racism and educate young generation to a multiethnic society.

IL PIANETA DEI CALZINI SPAIATI (The planet of the mismatched socks) by La Pina e Irene Frigo

La Pina, Radio Deejay’s voice, tells the story of the mismatched short socks: every sock alone escapes to meet the match it likes – for example a polka dot sock matches with a striped one. This comic and amusing allegory aims at dealing with a very delicate and updated subject: the respect for diversity, for homosexuality. The proceeds of the book will be given to Sos Villaggi dei Bambini, an organization which helps children all over the world.
THE AUTHORS: La Pina is a rapper and presenter; she hosts Pinocchio at Radio Deejay. She is a supporter of SOS Villaggi dei Bambini. Irene Frigo, after graduating at IED (European Design Institute) has worked with Terre des Hommes Italia for the campaign “IoProteggoIBambini”, and has published, with Pino Pace a book about surfing internet in a protect way. Her website is cargocollective.com/fridge.

100% LUCREZIA. 10 anni e non sentirli  (100%Lucrezia. Ten years without feeling them) by Silvia Ziche
Lucrezia, the iconic spinster created by Silvia Ziche in 2004, celebrates her 10th birthday and is always looking for her prince charming and in search for her sense of life.
THE AUTHOR: Silvia Ziche is the historical signature of Disney Italia. She has collaborated with “Linus”, “Cuore”, “Smemoranda”, “Topolino”, “Comix”, “Musica” and now with “Donna Moderna”. Among her books are Olimpo S.p.A. and Olimpo S.p.A. – Caccia grossa (texts by Vincenzo Cerami); Due; San Francisco e Santa Pazienza; Lucrezia 2 – La donna perfetta non esiste; È tutto sotto controllo; Prove tecniche di megalomania (2009), Lucrezia (2010) and Lucrezia e Alice a quel Paese (2013).

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