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Books of the week: 3rd June – 7th June

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BILDERBER GROUP – (BILDERBER GROUP – the elite of global power)  by Domenico Moro

Most of the leaders, premiers and bankers are members of Bilderberg and/or of Trilaterale; among them Draghi, Monti and Letta. They are elite groups chosen for their wealth, not for their abilities. The author of this book shows how these organizations work and how they influence financial and political power  all over the world.
THE AUTHOR : Domenico Moro (1964), sociologist, collaborates with newspapers and magazines and has already published numerous works about the economic, political and military powers. He is also the author of Nuovo Compendio del Capitale.

COME TRUFFARE IL PROSSIMO E VIVERE FELICI (How to cheat and live happily)

by Carcarlo Pravettoni
Carcarlo Pravettoni usually says  “The compaìny is like your sister: everybody but you knows her intimately ” : it’s time to start doing business. Carlcarlo is the best guide to teach you how not to pay taxes, grow up children, chose the perfect secretary and spend free time if you are unemployed…
THE AUTHOR: Carcarlo Pravettoni has no parents, and his identity card is fake. He is a self made man, a rich business man, who, at best, represents the new entrepreneur of our country and our times. If you want to find him,  he lives between Los Angele and Milan: on a little isle in the Azores.

JONY IVE. IL GENIO CHE HA DATO FORMA AI SOGNI APPLE (Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products) by Leander Kahney

In 1997, Steve Jobs found the talent who could reverse the company’s decline: he was a scruffy British designer surrounded by sketches and prototypes, Jony Ive. The collaboration between Steve Jobs and this shy and soft-spoken man has produced some of the most iconic Apple products like iMac, iPod, iPad, and iPhone. Jony Ive has become the world’s leading technology innovator, with a place on the 2013 Time 100 list, knighted for his “services to design and enterprise” and for the first time, in this book, he has decided to reveal his story.
THE AUTHOR: Leander Kahney (1965) technology writer, journalist, is the author of four books centered about Apple and its products: The Cult of Mac, Cult of iPod, Inside Steve’s Brain, ,and Jony Ive.

LOGGIA P2 – Il Piano e le sue regole (Loggia P2 – the plan and its rules)

by Giuseppe Amari e Anna Vinci
P2:  a subversive project that was about to take the power. The plan of the “democratic revival” was signed by Licio Gelli and hidden in a case of his daughter. The book reports interviews and shows documents about this project. Among P2’s aims? A bi-partisan division of the politica power;  the control of the media and of the judiciary powers, the reduction of the parliamentarians, the abolition of the provinces and the importance of the cultural titles
Giuseppe Amari – economist , union organizer – has already published numerous books included In difesa dello Stato al servizio del Paese, La battaglia di Giorgio Ambrosoli, Paolo Baffi, Silvio Novembre, Mario Sarcinelli e di Tina Anselmi and , with Anna Vinci, Le notti della democrazia, Tina Anselmi e Aung San Suu Kyi, due donne per la libertà. He is now a collaborator of Giuseppe Di Vittorio Foundation.
Anna Vinci, novelist, essayist , writes for TV, radio and for the stage. Among her novels: L’usuraia and Restituta del porto; her essays include La Politica con il cuore, with Stefania Pezzopane, La P2 nei diari segreti di Tina Anselmi and La Mafia non lascia tempo .

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