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Books of the week: 26th May – 31st May

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L’AVVOCATO DEL DIAVOLO (The Devil’s Advocate) by Vittorio Dotti
This book reveals everything about Silvio Berlusconi – form his personal life and his ability as entrepreneurand  his TV successes to his failures and scandals. From 1980 till 1996, year when Silvio Dotti left Forza Italia and his leader.
THE AUTHOR – Vittorio Dotti followed Silvio Berlusconi for sixteen years as his personal lawyer and in Fininvest. He dealt with the most important acquisitions of the group – Standa, Milan, Mediolanum – witnessed the birth of his TVs both in Italy and abroad. As a politician he was elected in 1994 vice president at Camera dei Deputati and Forza Italia leader.

CAZZIMMA by  Stefano Crupi

Naples. Sisto and his friend start a drug commerce for high society clients, sure they will soon get rich. But they have not considere the powerful mafia boss who controls every traffic in the city. Only Sisto’s uncle and a girl he meets by chance will help the boy to change his life, at a high price. The book describes the point of view of a young generation who does not fight, and fatally accept destiny as it is.
THE AUTHOR – Stefano Crupi, after graduating in Economy in 2002, has started a career as a journalist. He has already written Linkiesta, Tuttiinpiazza.it, Fresco di stampa, Sportcasertano.it.

E PENELOPE SI ARRABBIO (Penelope got furious) by Carla Signoris
The book describes with irony everyday obstacles and troubles of a modern couple …… infidelity included. On the background the chorus of the wife’s friends who sings: “They are mermaids. They have got a tail and a fish smell.”
THE AUTHOR – Carla Signoris, actress, was part of the cast in Avanzi, Tunnel, Hollywood Party, La Grande Notte, Crozza Italia and Colorado Cafè. Among her films Ex (2009),  Maschi contro femmine (2010) and Happy Family (2010). She has already published Ho sposato un deficiente (2008) and Meglio vedove che male accompagnate (2011).

SMS STORIE MOSTRUOSAMENTE SBAGLIATE (Terribly wrong stories) by Federica Bosco
Three girls, their meetings, their chats and gossips.  Then things change and two of them  – Marta and Laura – stat giving  precious pieces of advice and trying to impose their opinion on Brigitta who is living a “telephone” story with a  man – magnificent, marvellous and married. To tell the truth Laura and Marta are just trying to give a meaning to their desperate life. The description of the feminine world is ironic, witty, fresh and incredibly romantic.
THE AUTHOR – Federica Bosco, script- writer, has already published  many bestselling books such as Mi piaci da morire,  S.O.S.Amore, Un Amore di Angelo , Pazze di me (2012), adapted into a film by Fausto Brizzi, and Non tutti gli uomini vengono per nuocere (2013).

(Dad is Dad) by Catena Fiorello
Paola is a twenty- two -year -old woman who has never known her father till her mother, on her death bed, gives her a paper with a name and an address. The girl wins her hatred and meets the man who abandoned them. From that moment on a new life starts for Paola who learns loving him.
THE AUTHOR – Catena Fiorello has published many bestselling novels included Picciridda (2006) Casca il mondo, casca la terra (2012) and Dacci oggi il nostro pane quotidiano (2013).

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